Capacity building Indonesian foreign trade representatives

Foreign trade representatives are the antennas in the market. To strengthen the Indonesian foreign trade representatives, we conducted a capacity-building assessment and an action plan for the development of market information, export coaching and export marketing services.

The objective was to increase the international business performance of Indonesian SMEs by improving their competency in doing interviews with experts and visiting and reporting on trade fairs. Moreover, the participants wanted to increase their competency in advancing market development strategies. Last, but not least, the Ministry of Trade management wanted to improve the market information services.






Type of activity

  • Strategy Development


  • Liaison with the Ministry of Trade to develop the content of the training.
  • Prepare the training material in collaboration with a local expert.
  • Implement the training in collaboration with a local expert.


  • Workshops for the foreign trade representatives that created food for thought.
  • Different learning methods helped the participants optimize their interview skills for talking to experts.
  • In an open and interactive environment, we created the first ideas in improving market information services.