BSO capacity building APEX Burkina Faso

CBI's processed mango program, operating from 2020 to 2024, aims to elevate mango production through various pathways. These include professionalising mango processing SMEs by providing technical support and coaching, offering business support for strategy formulation and investment planning, strengthening the export-enabling environment in target countries, and facilitating EU market connections. Additionally, the program collaborates with APEX Burkina Faso to enhance digital market connection systems, contributing to the broader goal of advancing the processed mango industry.

This particular project aimed to capitalise on prior training initiatives from 2020 to 2022. It involved enhancing APEX' LinkedIn company page, creating a CBI MI affiliate page, providing access to all CBI studies on the APEX website, and updating APEX' (mango) sector profiles with infographics. In parallel, we have also worked on setting up a collaboration with Conseil National des Exportations (CNE) from Côte d'Ivoire.


Processed mangoes, mango


2023 – 2024


Burkina Faso

Type of activity

  • Capacity Building


The project activities between 2023 and 2024 encompassed several key milestones:

  • A series of kick-off sessions marked the beginning of mutual efforts, aligning goals and introducing project objectives to the APEX Burkina Faso and CNE teams.
  • Delivering training and coaching sessions focused on enhancing APEX' LinkedIn company page, and the creation of a social media content calendar. The aim was to increase the visibility of Burkina's processed mango exporters to EU buyers through improved social media performance.
  • Delivering training on how to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT for market intelligence and content creation.
  • The project concluded with a final session, solidifying the CBI-APEX affiliation and compiling approval for future recommendations.


The key results included:

  • The development of a guideline for utilising ChatGPT, and the establishment of a CBI affiliate database on the APEX website for streamlined access to CBI market information.
  • In terms of content efforts, we created a three-month calendar for social media and a news article tailored from a CBI MI study that APEX Burkina published online.
  • Two sectorial fiches were updated and published online.
  • Enhanced market intelligence capabilities among the APEX' staff and management.
  • The team was able to enhance the LinkedIn company page, leading to improved engagement and an increased follower base.