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February 21, 2014

High impact tool for tourism promotion? Blogging !!

Why was the blog of voted best blog in Latin America? How do relatively unknown destinations manage to grasp much attention despite suffering low budgets…? Why is blogging all of a sudden so popular among tourism marketers? Let’s share some cool good practices and other tips with you. And…keep an eye on the next generation tourism blog. In Nicaragua !

Which are examples of successful tourism blogs?

:: Colombia.Travel

Recently, the blog of was voted ‘best blog in Latin America’. It is a community that hosts stories about living and feeling Colombia. Also it makes uses of guest bloggers (see below).

:: #LoveCapeTown

The #LoveCapeTown campaign by has become a classic already, engaging local tourism communities, as well as national and international tourists. Result: see below figures in ‘A multimedia campaign with engagement’.

:: 100% New Zealand stories

The interactive travel stories on 100% New Zealand present -amongst other things- heroes, legends and other stories of the country.

:: Tourism Industry Blog – for tour operators only

Whereas above mentioned blogs target multiple type of clients, the Tourism Industry Blog, for instance, exclusively targets New Zealand tourism business. Image 2c NZ blog.

Please, give me a few success factors …!

:: Guest bloggers

To mention one thing in particular that we like: Proexport has created the Official Colombia Travel Blogger program. It includes English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese well known bloggers living in Colombia. In exchange for all-inclusive trips across Colombia, additional exposure and extra perks, these government-approved bloggers have committed to submit at least two articles per month which will be promoted via Colombia tourism accounts as well as via their fellow bloggers.

:: Other tourism blog success factors

To mention a few additional ones:

  • Use #hastags
  • Easy to use alerts (‘notify me in case of new comments’)
  • Apply storytelling (watch this video)


  • Effective pictures that reinforce the message
  • Mind your objective (call to action, what is your aim with the blog?)
  • One topic only
  • Bullet points or numbered items
  • Keep SEO in mind
  • Plan
  • Trigger attention with a catchy introduction.

Nicaragua to kickstart the next generation tourism blog

At INTUR, the authentic and natural kitchen has started to pre-cook ideas for a Nicaragua tourism blog. Any suggestions for them? Please share !

Herre Visser

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