Roula Nasrallah

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Roula Nasrallah

International trade consultant
  • export enabling environment
  • national quality infrastructure
  • policy development
  • project development and implementation
  • market intelligence

Bringing a wealth of expertise as a seasoned market researcher and matchmaking specialist with 15 years of experience, Roula has played a significant role in assisting the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade in the global promotion of Lebanese sectors. Having served as the former LEBTRADE Export Platform Manager, she possesses hands-on market research experience and a keen awareness of the challenges encountered by (W)SMEs entering international markets. Her proficiency lies in understanding the role of deep, high-quality market insights, enabling exporters to develop successful foreign entry strategies.

A seasoned matchmaker, she has a successful track record in connecting international suppliers and buyers, particularly in the Middle Eastern markets. Roula was actively involved in the national branding of Lebanon’s fresh fruit and vegetable sector and managed LebFresh, the national branding platform.

Her past achievements include a strong record of coordinating between public-private entities and contributing to policy development. Notable initiatives involve strengthening legislative and institutional quality infrastructure in Lebanon, facilitating trade, implementing national metrology decrees to promote industry and trade, supporting economic growth in Lebanon, and enhancing access to crucial trade information.

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