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Preslava Ivanova

  • Digital content marketing
  • Social Media copywriting
  • Visual designing
  • Video strategies and editing
  • Engaging website and SEO content

Preslava – we call her Pressie 😉 – started as a digital marketing intern at Globally Cool. After seven months of hard work and major growth, she earned a permanent spot on, the Content Marketing team. The Bulgarian native left her hometown in 2018 to follow the Creative Business programme at NHL Stenden, Leeuwarden. Here, Pressie expanded her creativity and cultural awareness, learned management and communication skills, and improved her reflective ability. During her Erasmus+ semester in Belgium, Preslava specialised in copywriting, SEO and content development which helped her improve Globally Cool’s LinkedIn engagement strategy for her graduation research. Do you need new creative ideas or digital marketing content? Then Preslava is a perfect match!

Fun fact: Pressie frequently hosts empowering team-building activities and is a great Bulgarian folk dancer.

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