Peter Hurst

“The briefcase and brochure selling days are over“


5 years

team leader at UKTI






organizational diagnoses

Peter Hurst

  • Institutional strengthening of trade promotion institutions
  • Africa specialist
  • SME coach
  • Business development

Peter has worked in many developing economies and particularly in over 20 African countries. He is well connected in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as Eastern Africa, including Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. He is a leader in international business development having held executive positions with large multinational corporations with full responsibility and accountability for bottom-line performance:

  • Leading the London International Trade Team of 40 professional business advisers for UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). Securing five years of consistent best performance as the leading region delivering advice for over 500 companies per year.
  • Experienced in strenghtening trade promotion organisations in strategy development and enhanced service delivery.
  • A track record in building and developing large international high-performance teams and mentoring and coaching senior executives on a one-to-one basis.
  • In-depth competence in delivering public sector contracts (local, national and EU) using private sector resources and networks.

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