11th EDF West Africa Competitiveness Programme – Strengthening GEPA & Ghanaian Private Sector

September 23, 2019

Continued support to GEPA in Ghana

In 2017 Globally Cool contributed to the development of a trade information portal that connects the Ghanaian business community to international markets. GEPA was awarded the ITC 2018 WTPO Award for Best Digital Innovation. This market hub serves as a one stop platform for GEPA to offer its services to exporters and international buyers.

Capitalizing on this foundation, Globally Cool once again will be supporting GEPA in the 11th EDF West Africa Competitiveness Programme. The programme aims to promote structural transformation and better access to regional and international markets. It takes into account social and environmental concerns.

EU funded West Africa project

EU funded West Africa project
The programme has a regional character and is implemented throughout following countries: Nigeria, Niger, Togo, Capo Verde, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The project will be running in duration of 2019 until 2022. The programme is funded by the European Union (EU) and is implemented by UNIDO.

Strengthening the Export Competitiveness of Ghana

The specific objectives of this programme for Ghana is strengthening the export competitiveness of the Ghanaian economy through enhanced value-added, low carbon, sustainable production and processing and an increased access to regional and international markets.

Expected Outcomes

One of the envisaged outcomes of the programme includes strengthening of GEPA. Globally Cool will provide coaching and capacity building to GEPA Staff and management. Our experts Joost van der Kooij and Valeria Escudero will contribute to the following;

  • Further enriching and sustaining market information portfolio of GEPA
  • Developing online interactive Export Readiness checkers for 3 value chains
  • Identifying sponsors for the MI service to generate additional revenue
  • Training of Trainers and curriculum development for the GEPA Export School
  • Supporting GEPA in developing 3 Sector Export Marketing Plans (SEMP) for 3 value chains;
    1. Fresh & processed fruits: mango, pineapple
    2. Cassava flour, chips, starch, ethanol
    3. Cosmetics and Personal-Care products (shea butter, coconut oil, moringa, citrus oil)
  • Conducting guided trade fair visits, e.g. Vivaness/Biofach (Germany), In-Cosmestics (France) and Macfrut (Italy).
  • Promoting Ghanaian exportable offer and exporters to EU buyers through online campaigns, in-coming missions and b2b events.

The first activities have started already and we look forward to contributing to the further development of Ghana’s international trade in the near future.

We welcome your feedback or possible contributions to this activity. Please contact Joost or Valeria for more info!

Girda Safitri

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