Alpaca in Australia: What are the opportunities?

December 13, 2016

Market research for PromPeru

In order to study the opportunities of the supply of Peruvian alpaca products in the Australian market, I have been on a two-week field trip through Australia to meet multiple buyers of alpaca apparel and homewares. Check out the movie below to find more information on this cool trip!

Video Script

Over the last couple of months we performed a study for PROMPERU, the main export support organization from Peru, to analyze the Australian market of alpaca made products, including apparel, homewares and accessories.

We mapped the trading process between Peru and Australia, by looking at the relevant distribution and marketing channels, access routes, logistics issues and market access requirements in Australia.

Furthermore, we performed a supply analysis and studied the demand Down Under, focusing on consumer profiles, trends in the market and the perception of Peru in Australia.

For this research, we visited Australia and interviewed buyers and potential buyers of alpaca made products. We had very interesting meetings over there, and learned a lot about future trade opportunities, buying habits and buyers’ criteria in selecting suppliers.

Overall, it was a great study to perform. We learned a lot about the wonderful world of alpaca’s and the opportunities for Peruvian suppliers in Australia.


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