Tjitte van der Werf

"Connecting people, constructing business"


> 250


> 50
business missions to and from Europe

Business consultant

years experience in Brazil /
Latin America

Tjitte van der Werf

  • Consultancy (identify and analyse markets)
  • Market Research
  • Match Making
  • Trade Fairs
Based in Brazil, Tjitte has a vast experience in international activities. He worked in more than 10 different European countries, as well in a couple of countries in Africa and South America. Graduated as an industrial engineer at HTS Leeuwarden (1984) and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (1989), completed with an MBA in Foreign Trade at the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), Brazil (2005), he worked as a liaison officer between (Dutch) government and companies in innovation, international projects and foreign trade and – since 2005 with Frisia – as an independent business consultant. During his career, Tjitte obtained affinity with a wide range of sectors, such as:
  • Agribusiness (Dairy, Meat, Grains, Machinery)
  • Climate and Environment (Sanitation, Water Reuse, Waste)
  • Renewable Energies (Biomass, Biogas, Solar and Wind Energy)
  • Other (Industry, IT, Transport & Logistics, Trade).
As a Dutchman living in Brazil, Tjitte assists Dutch/European based companies to start a business – exports, imports or investments – in Brazil or Latin America. Or the other way around, helping Brazilian/Latam companies to enter the European market. The objective is always to construct and maintain stable and profitable business relationships


Tjitte van der Werf

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