Boosting Export Quality Management: highlights from our EQM workshop

Jun 17, 2024

Boosting Export Quality Management: highlights from our EQM workshop

Jun 17, 2024

Globally Cool’s experts Alfons, Warner, and Roula recently conducted an exciting workshop on Export Quality Management (EQM) with project managers of the German Metrology Institute (PTB). Held in the vibrant city of Brunswick, Germany, this event was hosted to align the project managers with this training instrument that can be used to engage business support organisations (BSOs) and SMEs with the actors in the quality infrastructure, the natural domain of PTB.

Interactive learning in action

The training concept that we developed together with PTB and ITC some 10 years ago is built around understanding and navigating valuable tools that provide details regarding technical requirements, standards, conformity assessment and management systems. But also includes mapping the quality infrastructure and identifying gaps in service delivery by BSOs and developing concrete action plans. We do so through action learning and many group assignments.

The training was eye-opening to many of the participants. The hands-on approach and exchanges throughout the working group assignments created lots of energy and enriched their understanding of quality and sustainability standards and how BSOs can play an instrumental role in their projects.

Warner at PTB workshop

Valuable insights and future strategies

As the workshop wrapped up, we focused on lessons learned and future strategies. Key takeaways included tailoring the EQM tool to industries like agri-food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electrical goods, and more. Focus on developing compliance roadmaps for SMEs in these sectors. Training local trainers and coaches emerged as vital, ensuring effective and efficient follow-up to the development and implementation of the compliance roadmaps.

Strategic meeting and next steps

On the final day, we held a strategic meeting with PTB management to discuss the next steps and optimisation of the EQM tool. We brainstormed ways to implement the recommendations. We agreed we will develop a detailed concept note and prepare for the next project mission by the end of 2024, ensuring integration of the EQM activities early in the project formulation phase. This proactive approach aims to enhance EQM’s practical application, ensure sustainability, and drive inclusive growth across different sectors.

PTB workshop Roula

The EQM Internal Workshop was a dynamic and productive event, packed with learning, collaboration, and forward-thinking strategies. By focusing on practical applications and industry-specific approaches, Globally Cool and PTB are setting the stage for even more effective and sustainable quality management practices in international trade.


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