Indonesian SMEs becoming sustainable champions: A pilot training success story!

Jun 5, 2024

Indonesian SMEs becoming sustainable champions: A pilot training success story!

Jun 5, 2024

Following up the sustainability standards and reporting train-the-trainer event earlier this year, we just wrapped up a fantastic pilot training program in Bali and Bandung, Indonesia! We helped small and medium businesses (SMEs) there showcase their commitment to sustainability in a fun and informative way.

Forget boring lectures! We teamed up with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade‘s NEXT program (think export bootcamp for agriculture!), BEDO (business development experts), and UNPAR University to create a program that was both educational and action-packed, as part of a Cowater project, funded by the Canadian government.

Pilot trainings: building a local sustainability squad

Pilot training Sustainability reporting Bali April 2024

Here’s the kicker: we trained the amazing folks from BEDO and UNPAR to become sustainability rockstars themselves! We provided remote and on-site coaching, covering everything from crafting presentations that wow to handling tough questions. The goal? Equipping them to deliver workshops perfectly tailored to Indonesian SMEs.

Pilot training Sustainability reporting Bandung April 2024 Tea FarmFrom textbooks to action: making sustainability practical

This wasn’t just about learning theory. We mixed things up with hands-on sessions, visits to real-life sustainable businesses (think role models in action!), and group activities. With the 2-day training format, just the right amount of learning balanced with real-world company visits. By the end, every participant walked away with a personalised plan to tackle their company’s sustainability goals.

Collaboration with the NEXT Program

BEDO and UNPAR teamed up with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade through the New Export Breakthrough (NEXT) program. NEXT is all about helping companies in the agriculture sector get ready for exports through a mix of online and face-to-face activities over a year. This pilot training was a crucial part of that program, showing how the Ministry is ready to give their for full support for Indonesian SMEs adopting sustainable practices.


Meet the inspiring participants!Pilot training Sustainability reporting Bali April 2024, 2

The real stars of our training programs were the SMEs! In Bali, we welcomed 14 enthusiastic companies, primarily from the coffee, tea, and chocolate sectors. Over half of these businesses were led by incredible women entrepreneurs, showcasing the strength and leadership of women in the industry.

Bandung saw an even larger turnout, with 18 vibrant SMEs participating. Again, the coffee, tea, and chocolate scene dominated the roster. Among these businesses, 8 were spearheaded by inspiring women, further highlighting the significant role women play in driving sustainable practices in their communities.

These entrepreneurs brought immense energy and passion to the training, eager to learn and implement sustainability practices in their operations. Their dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on their industries and the environment were truly motivating. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and forward-thinking group of participants!

The results? A big win!

The program was a huge success! Participants were energized and ready to implement sustainable practices. The Ministry of Trade sending representatives to both events showed their commitment to making sustainability a core value for Indonesian exports.

We’re pumped about this pilot program’s success and can’t wait to see these Indonesian SMEs become sustainability leaders!

Ready to jumpstart your SME’s sustainability journey? Our team of experts is here to help!  Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor a sustainability program to your specific needs and goals. Let’s work together to empower your business and showcase your commitment to a greener future! 💚🌎

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