Introducing new team member: Kila Hapsari

Jun 3, 2024

Introducing new team member: Kila Hapsari

Jun 3, 2024

Hello! I am happy to announce that I will be joining Globally Cool’s market research and consultancy team as a new intern! I am Pris(kila) and I have just recently graduated from my double bachelor’s in Management at Bandung Institute of Technology and International Business at the University of Groningen, and am looking forward to jumping on the next journey in my career.

Market Intelligence intern Priskila Hapsari

Growing up, I was quite the traveller, hopping from one country to another, following my dad wherever he would go, where we ended up living in more than 5 countries all over the world (which makes it rather difficult to know which place to call home). And, in my early adult life now, I still am an adventurer at heart. My little adventures during my recent academic years have then led me here, in the Netherlands, where I have been living for more than 3 years and still loving every second of it.

What Will I Be Doing?

In pursuit of experience and deeper knowledge after my studies, I will be working alongside Globally Cool to expand my skills and condense my speciality towards market research — I’m delighted to be able to indulge in new cool projects and create a clear focus on my next achievements here. I have yet to learn many things, but through this internship, I will soon understand the world of market data analysis, its processes and how to conduct them according to the standards with the help of my new colleagues and supervisors.

My Life Behind The ScenesMarket Intelligence intern Priskila Hapsari

It has been difficult to deduct my life interest into one thing specifically; I have so many interests I’d like to pursue and so much more I have yet to discover. I have submerged myself in my works of copywriting, journalism and reporting before. Then, towards projects revolving around exports, imports and supply chain management. And, even explored other fields of the arts, fashion, news casting, architecture, etc. I could direct my attention towards anything that would fascinate me, really. Due to my many pastime activities, I’ve met so many interesting people in my lifetime who helped open me to new ideas, bettering myself as a person, and a finer understanding of differences. But, now it is time for me to get to what really matters for myself career-wise, where it would give me the chance to learn, experience, implement, and repeat. It gives me the push to take the necessary step forward, moving to the next stage of my life, which is how I find myself where I currently am, with Globally Cool.

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