Facilitating market expansion in the Gulf region and beyond

Apr 4, 2024

Facilitating market expansion in the Gulf region and beyond

Apr 4, 2024

In the fast-paced world of global trade, forming strong partnerships is crucial for companies eyeing expansion. Teaming up with Najjar Professional Solutions, a respected player in the food industry known for its innovative products, was yet another rewarding learning experience.

A legacy of innovation

With roots tracing back to 1957, Najjar’s humble beginnings as a small artisanal roastery in Beirut, have blossomed into a leading company. Today, Najjar boasts the largest coffee factory in Lebanon, equipped with cutting-edge machinery that ranks among the finest in the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East. Across three generations, Najjar has remained committed to constant innovation and improvement. Their diverse portfolio, including branded coffee and coffee machines, reflects their emphasis on quality and innovation.

Recognising the potential for further growth, Najjar sought to expand its reach into new markets, particularly through overseas sales. To achieve this goal, they enlisted the expertise of Globally Cool and our seasoned consultants, specialising in international trade to help them establish new partnerships during Gulfood in Dubai.

Facilitating international growth

Our collaborative journey with Najjar began with a comprehensive assessment of their readiness to export and the types of buyers they were targeting. We delved into their operations, visiting their factories and engaging in insightful discussions with key persons, such as their business development manager. Armed with a thorough understanding of Najjar’s aspirations and operational nuances, we meticulously curated a list of potential partners that aligned with their strategic objectives.

Navigating through the intricacies of international trade, our partnership with Najjar was anchored in adaptability and resilience. We focused on quality over quantity when scheduling meetings, ensuring each interaction was meaningful and productive. Moreover, we actively pursued opportunities for preferred partnerships, extending our reach beyond the confines of Gulfood exhibitors.

                             Roula at Gulfood 2024    Roula and Wietske at Gulfood 2024

Didn’t we mention we were at the biggest food exhibition in Dubai?!

As for the Gulfood 2024 tradeshow itself, it proved to be a bustling hub of activity. The sheer volume of attendees resulted in crowded aisles, almost making it challenging to navigate and find respite. The overwhelming human traffic—a testament to the event’s popularity and success. Located in the heart of downtown Dubai, the tradeshow provided an invaluable platform for networking and forging new partnerships. While facilitating the business meetings through the appointments we had scheduled, we also canvassed other potential business partners on-site.

Source: gulfood.com

Business matching magic

The culmination of our collaborative efforts was evident as Najjar secured promising prospects in various markets ranging from GCC such as UAE, Saudi and Kuwait to Egypt and Europe such as Belgium, UK and Kossovo. Out of the more than 16 leads that were established, Najjar is expected to engage in at least 9 partnerships most of them under the private lable joint venture category.  These partnerships signify more than mere transactions—they symbolise enduring relationships built on trust and mutual benefit.

Reflecting on our journey with Najjar, it’s evident that our pragmatic approach, coupled with our commitment to go the extra mile and deliver results, has paved the way for success. As innovative businesses from emerging markets continue to chart their course towards sustained growth and prosperity, we stand ready to support them every step of the way. Together, we navigate the intricate landscape of international trade, leveraging expertise and dedication to quality to forge enduring partnerships worldwide.

Experience in and with emerging markets

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