Empowering market intelligence and promotion at Fruitlogistica 2024

Apr 2, 2024

Empowering market intelligence and promotion at Fruitlogistica 2024

Apr 2, 2024

It is next to impossible not to spot any Globally Cool team member at Fruitlogistica. 😄 Arguably, one of the biggest fresh produce trade show in the world, we have been around the trade show for many years. And for a reason, it provides an exceptional platform to meet, establish business linkages, expand our network and get the latest market insights. To us, it is often a venue where we coach and advice our project partners to optimise branding and promotion, sales and market research results. This year, it was no different.

In February 2024, at Fruitlogistica in Berlin, Germany, we had the privilege of working in 2 different projects offering two of our key services. One was aimed at enhancing market intelligence capabilities while the other focused on strengthening branding and promotion.

Elevating market intelligence with COLEAD team

Colead at Fruitlogistica 2024

Our first endeavour revolved around coaching the COLEAD team to refine their market intelligence service. Through a series of remote sessions and on-site guidance at the trade-show, we equipped the team with the tools and techniques to identify and record the latest trends across various dimensions, including products, packaging, sustainability practices, AI in agricultural production, promotion, and branding. Together, we devised a comprehensive research plan encompassing stand and seminar visits, research question formulation, interview scripts, and guidelines for multimedia documentation. The keyword here was focus! Both in the preparation and the execution stage. By being more focused the market intelligence is more relevant, detailed and has more depth.

The outcome of our collaboration was very rewarding. The COLEAD team emerged with valuable insights and relevant outputs, poised to be shared with their members. By harnessing the power of enhanced market intelligence techniques, they are now better positioned to stay tuned with the dynamic market landscapes and collect and disseminate market intelligence more effectively for the small and medium sized businesses they serve.

Promoting Lebanese fresh products

Fruitlogistica 2024 Lebanon fresh fruit

Our second initiative centred on promoting Lebanese fresh products through a dedicated Lebanon pavilion, marking our involvement in a market entry project supported by CBI from The Netherlands. This was our third participation in trade fairs with a Lebanon pavilion, following successful showcases at Fruitlogistica 2023 in Berlin and Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid.

Our efforts clearly bore fruit 😉 as Lebanon’s renewed presence as a fresh produce supplier garnered increased recognition in international markets in Europe and beyond. Beyond the superior quality of products such as avocado, table grapes, cherries, tomatoes, and potatoes, Lebanon’s offerings are distinguished by their limited carbon footprint compared to suppliers from Latin America and Asia due to its geographical proximity. This not only aligns with growing consumer preferences for sustainable sourcing but also positions Lebanon as a conscientious player in the global fresh produce industry.


We are proud to see the positive results of our engagements at Fruitlogistica 2024! It  demonstrates the transformative impact of strategic consultancy in driving market intelligence enhancement and fresh produce promotion. Through collaborative efforts and forward-thinking strategies, we remain dedicated to propelling our project partners towards sustainable growth and global recognition.

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