Introducing new team member: Roula Nasrallah

Feb 5, 2024

Introducing new team member: Roula Nasrallah

Feb 5, 2024

Hello, I’m Roula Nasrallah, a seasoned consultant with a robust background in international trade. Over the past years, I have cultivated extensive expertise across diverse domains, setting the stage for a stellar professional journey.

Passionate about fostering prosperity and growth, I specialize in crucial areas such as export marketing, quality management, and trade facilitation. In export marketing, my proficiency shines through the development of potent strategies that significantly expand market reach and enhance competitiveness. Crafting market intelligence reports is a forte, empowering clients with crucial insights for informedbusiness decisions.

My expertise extends to quality management, where I have successfully led projects aimed at elevating product and service standards to meet international benchmarks. My dedication markedly enhances the overall competitiveness of organizations  and industries.

Roula Nasrallah Ministry of Economy and Trade Lebanon

Academic background

Armed with a Master’s in Environmental Sciences from The American University of Beirut and a Master Certificate in Global Mental Health from Harvard Medical School, my academic journey has finely tuned my skills and knowledge, creating a solid foundation for my career.

Passion for discovery

My passion extends beyond the professional realm. I’m an avid traveler, constantly seeking to discover new cultures and enrich my knowledge. This curiosity and love for exploration are not just personal attributes; they are key drivers that fuel my professional pursuits.

Joining Globally Cool:

Joining Globally Cool, this dynamic powerhouse? It’s more than a job; it’s a thrill. I’m itching to share my treasure trove of international trade experience with Globally Cool’s diverse clientele. And the best part? We’re taking this journey to the MENA and GCC regions. Why? Because global growth isn’t just a goal; it’s a passion. It’s about bridging cultures, fostering collaboration, and propelling Globally Cool to new heights. Get ready; we’re about to make waves.

Meet our new international trade consultant: Roula Nasrallah



Experience in and with emerging markets

Since 1995, Globally Cool has trained and coached thousands of professionals, in over 45 emerging markets. Want to know more about what Globally Cool can do for you? Check out our services and join us!


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