A Step Forward in Ethiopia

Jan 4, 2024

A Step Forward in Ethiopia

Jan 4, 2024

In Addis Ababa, an important project has taken root, aiming to enhance how business support organisations offer international market information to exporters.

Building sustainable market research skills

Onno Roukens from Globally Cool reflects on the project’s atmosphere: “There’s a genuine willingness to learn here, and that’s what makes our work worthwhile.” This sentiment echoes the project’s intent to foster a learning environment that will endure.

Participants engaged in a series of workshops designed with practicality in mind, integrating brief instructional sessions with interactive activities. Online resources like CBI and Trademap were emphasised, along with the innovative use of digital tools, including CHAT GPT, for market research.

Supporting business growth through education

The workshops targeted a diverse group, including representatives from various sector organisations, all sharing the common pursuit of business growth through enhanced international market knowledge.

A step forward in Ethiopia - Onnp Roukens workshop

Coordinated efforts for effective learning

The project was thoughtfully coordinated by Phoebe Owuor and Jan Willem Richelmann, with Onno Roukens providing guidance. Local specialists Sihin Belaye and Eyob Ararsa contributed significantly, helping to tailor the project to the specific needs of the participants.  A structured timeline ensured a comprehensive learning experience, from the introductory week to the ongoing monthly workshops that concentrate on the practical application of market research.

Looking ahead

As the initiative moves forward, the groundwork laid during the workshops has prepared the staff to not only draft insightful market reports but to also apply this knowledge practically with CBI’s guidance. With this project, Ethiopian exporters are gaining valuable information to understand international markets, filling a vital gap in information.


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