Supporting Dubai Chambers trade mission to ANUGA

Nov 6, 2023

Supporting Dubai Chambers trade mission to ANUGA

Nov 6, 2023

In alignment with Dubai Chambers’ mission to enhance Dubai’s standing as a global business hub and provide essential support to local companies in attaining international success, their recently introduced New Horizons initiative opens up a world of opportunities for members. This initiative allows them to expand their business activities, explore new investment opportunities, attract new customers, and gain invaluable insights and access to global markets. With this vision in mind, Dubai Chambers led a delegation from the food and beverage industry to this year’s trade show ANUGA. This delegation was made up of representatives from the food and beverage sector, alongside food retailers and service providers. In total, more than 350 meetings took place between the participating companies and potential partners, emphasising the significance of Dubai’s commitment to fostering global business connections.

Dubai International Chamber’s trade mission at ANUGA 2023

Before delving into Globally Cool’s role, it’s essential to highlight the impressive trade mission organised by Dubai Chambers at ANUGA 2023. This delegation showcased the products of 13 Dubai-based businesses, making a significant impact at the world’s largest trade fair for the food and beverages sector. The mission, took place from 7th to 11th October in Cologne, Germany. ANUGA 2023 attracted approximately 140,000 trade visitors from 200 countries and featured 7,900 exhibitors from 118 countries.

Dubai Chambers

Globally Cool’s contribution

Dubai Chambers acknowledged the need for a partner who could guide them in structuring and executing this ambitious project. Globally Cool emerged as the ideal collaborator, bringing valuable expertise in matchmaking and facilitating connections between companies. Here’s how Globally Cool played a central role in the Dubai Chambers project:

Selection procedure and understanding company needs

In the first phase of the project, Globally Cool, together with the Dubai Chambers team, laid the groundwork for the ANUGA mission by developing selection criteria to identify eligible companies and conducting a tailored needs assessment.  The needs assessment included in-depth research to understand the expectations and requirements of the participating companies. This involved identifying whether these companies were looking for buyers or sellers, as well as any specific certifications and standards they needed. This initial analysis was a key success factor of the matchmaking process.

Identifying potential partners

Following the selection procedure and the needs assessment, Globally Cool identified relevant potential partners at ANUGA, for the 14 participating companies. To do so, Globally Cool created a “long list” for each company, comprising 20 potential partners that matched their needs and expectations.  The next phase was “shortlisting,” in which companies selected from the long list were contacted to schedule appointments at the trade show.

Going the extra mile

Globally Cool crafted a dedicated website,, specifically designed for the Dubai Chambers project. This platform allowed buyers and sellers to conveniently schedule appointments with the participating companies. The availability of the Dubai Chambers’ companies was considered to ensure a smooth scheduling process. The website also featured detailed company descriptions to facilitate quality matches.

Anuga 2023

Results and success

Globally Cool’s efforts were remarkably successful. A total of 134 meetings were scheduled, exceeding expectations. In fact, the results averaged double the initial goal, showcasing the effectiveness of Globally Cool’s matchmaking services. The success extended to the trade show itself, as Globally Cool continued to identify potential buyers and sellers during the event, further strengthening Dubai’s position as a global trade hub.

The effort and dedication put into creating this event are truly commendable, the platform provided a conducive environment for networking and building strong business connections.

– Rajendra Jain, Spice Star Foodstuff Tog LLC

The impact of Globally Cool’s support

With Globally Cool’s support, the Dubai Chambers project connected local and international companies, strengthening Dubai’s position as a global business hub. Globally Cool played a crucial role in understanding company needs, identifying potential partners, and streamlining the scheduling process, contributing significantly to the project’s success.


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