Ensuring equity – inspirational stories of women entrepreneurs

Oct 10, 2023

Ensuring equity – inspirational stories of women entrepreneurs

Oct 10, 2023

In today’s global economy, women entrepreneurs from around the world are breaking barriers, leading their businesses to success, and making significant contributions to their communities. Their stories of determination, innovation, and resilience serve as powerful sources of inspiration for women who are just starting out on their entrepreneurial journeys.

In previous blog posts, we showed you how we supported women in the Cambodian craft and fashion sectors, empowered Nepalese women entrepreneurs in their journey to digitalisation and even created the export and e-commerce playbook for Armenian WSMEs.

Here, we’ll explore the remarkable stories of three inspiring women entrepreneurs and derive valuable tips and resources for women who are embarking on their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Roshaneh Zafar – empowering women through microfinanceRoshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh Zafar’s remarkable journey revolves around her founding of the Kashf Foundation, a pioneering microfinance institution in Pakistan. Established in 1996, Kashf was the nation’s first specialized microfinance organization and has been regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan since its inception. Inspired by the Grameen model, Kashf embarked on its mission to empower women in rural and low-income regions of Pakistan by providing them with access to financial services.

Over the years, Kashf has crafted a distinct and invaluable niche for itself within the microfinance sector, both locally and internationally. Its success stems from the introduction of innovative and transformative financial products and services tailored to the unique needs of low-income households, with a particular focus on women. Among its notable offerings is appraisal-backed individual lending, a financial instrument that has had a profound impact on countless households.

In addition to its financial services, Kashf extends its commitment to transformation beyond monetary assistance. The institution also provides non-financial services that play a pivotal role in uplifting women and their families. These multifaceted efforts underscore Kashf’s dedication to not only empowering women economically but also fostering holistic and positive changes at the household level.

Chetna Sinha – the founder of Mann Deshi FoundationChetna Sinha

Chetna Sinha, the visionary behind Mann Deshi Foundation in rural India, is a beacon of empowerment for women entrepreneurs. Her organization is committed to providing rural women with essential resources, including financial services and training, to unlock their potential in both personal and professional realms. In Maharashtra, Chetna Sinha’s efforts have proven instrumental in granting women access to credit and business opportunities, breaking down barriers that have hindered their income growth.

At Mann Deshi Foundation, the focus is firmly set on nurturing and championing micro-entrepreneurs. Their approach centers on empowering rural women with the knowledge, skills, and access to capital they need to take control of their lives, all while fostering a supportive community where women have a voice in how they use their hard-earned income. This remarkable initiative shines as a source of inspiration for women entrepreneurs facing similar challenges worldwide, emphasizing the importance of access, skills, and support networks in driving personal and professional growth.

Lorna Rutto – turning plastic waste into environmental solutionsLorna Rutto

Lorna Rutto’s visionary venture, EcoPost, stands as a Kenyan social enterprise that skillfully tackles a multifaceted array of challenges. The organization’s core mission revolves around the holistic improvement of its community and environment. At its heart, EcoPost addresses pressing issues such as urban waste management, notably the pervasive problem of plastic pollution, as well as the dire need to combat deforestation and the far-reaching effects of climate change. In addition to these environmental concerns, EcoPost also plays a pivotal role in mitigating chronic youth unemployment, aligning its efforts with the broader socioeconomic well-being of the region.

EcoPost’s commitment to environmental excellence is strikingly evident in its business model, which places sustainability at the forefront of its operations. The enterprise accomplishes its multifaceted goals by recycling waste plastic materials, repurposing them into innovative, eco-friendly plastic lumber profiles. These versatile profiles find application across various industries, ranging from fencing and road signage to outdoor furniture, showcasing the immense potential of sustainable materials.

What sets EcoPost apart is its utilization of existing technology, local labour, and readily available resources. By harnessing these elements, the organization not only produces an inventive and eco-conscious product but also nurtures a thriving recycling industry that empowers local communities and creates employment opportunities, particularly for women.

Useful tips for women entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be a transformative journey, especially for women entrepreneurs. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable stories of Roshaneh Zafar, Chetna Sinha, and Lorna Rutto, here are some valuable tips and resources to help you navigate the path of entrepreneurship.

women enterpreneurs

1. Explore microfinance options:

Begin by researching microfinance institutions or programs in your region. These organizations can provide access to small loans and financial services, much like the Kashf Foundation in Pakistan. Such resources can prove instrumental in kickstarting or expanding your business.

2. Tailor services to local needs:

Follow in the footsteps of the Kashf Foundation and understand the importance of customizing your products or services to cater to the specific needs of your target market. Pay special attention if you are focusing on women entrepreneurs.

3. Seek non-financial support:

Look beyond finances and seek out organizations or initiatives that offer non-financial support. Training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, as exemplified by the Mann Deshi Foundation in India, are invaluable for developing the skills and connections needed for success.

4. Build a supportive community:

Consider building or joining a community of women entrepreneurs. These communities provide a platform for idea exchange, advice seeking, and emotional support. Chetna Sinha’s Mann Deshi Foundation emphasizes the significance of nurturing a supportive environment.

5. Embrace sustainable solutions:

If your business aligns with environmental concerns, like Lorna Rutto’s EcoPost in Kenya, explore sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Look for resources and certifications that can guide you towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

6. Harness local resources and technology:

Utilize readily available resources, existing technology, and local labour to your advantage. As showcased by EcoPost, this approach can help reduce costs and enhance the sustainability of your business.

7. Access funding for environmental initiatives:

If your business focuses on environmental solutions, delve into funding opportunities, grants, or impact investment firms that support sustainable ventures

8. Educate yourself and your team:

Invest in continuous learning and skill development. Both you and your team members can benefit immensely from expanding your knowledge and expertise as you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

9. Advocate for your cause:

If your business is aligned with a social or environmental cause, use your platform to advocate for positive change. Lorna Rutto’s EcoPost serves not only as a business but also as a catalyst for environmental awareness and action.

10. Collaborate and network:

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry associations, and local business networks. These connections can help you broaden your reach and uncover new opportunities.

Let’s get down to business

These inspiring women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds have demonstrated that determination, innovation, and a commitment to making a positive impact can lead to entrepreneurial success. As you embark on your own entrepreneurial journey, remember that there are numerous resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities available to support you. Whether you’re seeking microfinance options, environmental business ideas, entrepreneurship training, or advocacy for women’s rights, there are pathways to success waiting for you to explore. Break through barriers, be inspired by these stories, and make your mark as a successful woman entrepreneur in the global marketplace.


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