Unlocking the power of long-tail keywords in SEO

Oct 4, 2023

Unlocking the power of long-tail keywords in SEO

Oct 4, 2023

So, you’re on a mission to improve the ranks on Google and draw the perfect target audience to your website? Great! Let’s have a look at long-tail keywords – your secret weapon in supercharging your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy!

What are long-tail keywords?

Picture this: people turn to search engines for a number of reasons, seeking information, assistance, or guidance. These needs are translated into words, or in SEO jargon, keywords. The more specific your search phrase, the more precise the search results. Highly detailed search phrases are referred to as long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are the opposites of head keywords, which are more general or broad terms. For instance, if you search for “Clothes” on Google, you’re using a head keyword. This term is commonly used and generates broad results, encompassing everything from clothing patterns to stores selling clothes, and more. To get results that align with your exact needs, you must construct more detailed search phrases by using keywords that precisely describe your requirements. For example, if you’re a tall man who loves Italian designs and needs new pants, a more specific search phrase would be “Italian design men’s pants size large.” This delivers search results for large men’s pants with Italian designs.

The search term pitfall

Imagine you’re desperately seeking a handyman to fix your broken washing machine. You type “Handyman” into Google and are bombarded with search results. However, these results aren’t specific enough to meet your needs. Google struggles to grasp your precise requirements. Are you after a handyman who can repair appliances, or are you interested in the profession itself? The generic term “handyman” doesn’t cut it.

A more detailed search query, such as “Handyman repair washing machine,” informs the search engine that you’re seeking someone to fix your washing machine. This leads to search results that better match your requirements. Your search term could be even more specific. What exactly are you looking for? Perhaps, “Cheap and experienced handyman in Montgomery, Alabama.” With this search term, you’ll likely find handymen in your area. This example highlights how long-tail keywords can provide highly relevant search results. The more detailed your search phrase or query, the more precise your results will be.

Applying long-tail keywords in SEO

As a business owner, your goal is to turn online visitors into profitable customers. Consider the next example; you are an owner of a bakery in Germany. Your website serves to inform local customers about new products, pricing, and discounts. It’s impractical and unhelpful when people from distant locations find your website.

To attract highly relevant visitors, think like your potential customers. Identify the search phrases they might use to find a business like yours. Optimize your website for these specific keywords and search phrases. Avoid generic keywords like “bakery,” “fine bread,” or “cakes and pastries.” Instead, focus on specific and relevant keywords that align with your unique selling points.

For instance, a long-tail keyword like “The most delicious bread and pastries from Germany’s best and highly rated Kamps Backstube bakery in Frankfurt” can set you apart from the competition. Implement these keywords in your page title and description, content, images, URLs, and more. When done correctly, both people and search engines will recognize what makes your business unique.

When are long-tail keywords effective?

Long-tail keywords can be effective when:

  • You ensure potential customers find you with the right intentions.
  • Your website is optimized for long-tail keywords that align with what potential customers are searching for.
  • You highlight the most important and distinguishing aspects of your business.
  • You incorporate your chosen long-tail keywords into your website content and meta tags.
  • You prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on high-quality visitors rather than the number of visitors.

Staying long-tail SEO proof in 2023

SEO optimization is a long-term investment that demands time, effort, and resources. It’s an ever-evolving field that requires constant monitoring and adjustment. So, why settle for generic SEO strategies when you can have a customized approach tailored to your business? Let’s make your website the go-to destination for your ideal customers – the ones who matter the most!

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