Empowering Central Asian exporters: a globally cool initiative

Sep 28, 2023

Empowering Central Asian exporters: a globally cool initiative

Sep 28, 2023

At Globally Cool, we always work towards unlocking the limitless potential of businesses worldwide. In the summer of 2023, our trade expert Warner went on a mission to Central Asia, made possible through our valued relationships in Kyrgyzstan. This mission was a cooperative effort, driven by our commitment to encouraging global trade and generated by two esteemed partners: the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Our purpose and partners

Our participation in this endeavour was launched through the acknowledgement of Globally Cool as an expert in international trade. EBRD and USAID are two prominent organisations committed to promoting economic development and trade across the whole globe. EBRD is known for supporting projects that promote market-oriented economies, while USAID is a U.S. government agency pursuing international development and humanitarian assistance. In partnership with these two high organisations, our mission surrounded several critical components:

  • harmonising customs and borders: making procedures simple to facilitate trade
  • public-private dialogue: encouraging collaboration between the public and private sectors
  • cross border connectivity: reinforcing connections between firms
  • gender responsive initiatives: conveying gender-related trade challenges, supporting women traders and businesses.

Exploring three corners of Central Asia

Our journey spread across three locations: Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Almaty, Kazakhstan. At each destination, a Training on Export Opportunities was hosted, where we presented tailored programs to benefit the horticulture sector, giving off a spotlight on different aspects of international trade, as necessary. The discussions aimed to inform Central Asian horticulture exporters on the current trends in international commerce that have emerged as a result of recent geopolitical events. Our international trade consultant, Warner also played a crucial role during a consultant conference in Kyrgyzstan. He shared valuable knowledge on international export strategies and the complexity of conducting an export audit. The diverse audience, representing various sectors, eagerly absorbed the wealth of knowledge. Our journey led us from Tashkent, where we trained exporters of fresh and dried fruits, to Bishkek, exporters of dried fruits, nuts, honey, and processed foods. Our final stop in Almaty focused on helping exporters of agricultural commodities, particularly oilseeds and beans.Empowering Central Asian exporters

A journey to success with impressive results

With the trust of EBRD and USAID on us, we seized the responsibility with resolved commitment. The exporter conferences we participated in were nothing short of achievements. The impact of these conferences was extraordinary. As participants bid farewell to these events, they didn’t simply carry a wealth of latest knowledge, they left with a purposive commitment to succeed. Their enthusiasm became a communicable spark, and their desire to export to Europe transformed into an observable, achievable goal. This initiative was more than motivation. It was a journey that empowered Central Asian exporters, exploring their opportunities and aligning a course for them to conquer international markets.

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