Peruvian alpaca industry: empowering economic growth

Aug 22, 2023

Peruvian alpaca industry: empowering economic growth

Aug 22, 2023

When it comes to luxurious fibres, few can match the softness, quality, and sustainability that alpaca wool brings to the table. From its remarkable durability and insulation properties to its exclusive rarity, alpaca wool is. In partnership with PROMPERÚ, Globally Cool once again embarks on a mission to showcase the exceptional attributes of alpaca wool to the world. This time, we tackle the German and Danish markets.

Driving Peruvian exports: a win-win

The main objective of this project is to economically empower Peruvian SMEs and support them in expanding to European markets. By connecting the dots between Peruvian suppliers and European buyers, this project contributes to the economic growth of Peru. The project is an avenue for Peruvian businesses to expand their horizons and for European buyers to access unique, environmentally conscious products.

The alpaca advantage: the perfect mix of softness and quality

Alpaca wool is a revelation in softness, boasting fibres finer than cashmere. While cashmere’s reputation has been tarnished by mass production, alpaca wool’s artisanal process retains its inherent quality and cultural significance in Peru. Naturally, PROMPERÚ’s vision aligns with this preservation, honoring not just a product, but a heritage. What’s more, Alpaca wool’s hollow cores create a unique construction that ensures better insulation, retaining warmth while moderating temperature effectively, making it the better, more durable choice.

Sustainability woven in every strand

Alpacas hold the environment close to their padded feet. Their gentle grazing ensures that vegetation remains unharmed, leaving the landscape pristine. In stark contrast, cashmere goats have unwittingly contributed to the degradation of grasslands in China, leading to environmental stress and desertification. Alpaca’s sustainable approach echoes through its production efficiency. These creatures yield more wool per individual while consuming less water than their cashmere counterparts. A single alpaca can yield enough wool for multiple sweaters, underlining its eco-friendly impact.

A world of exclusivity and rarity

With fewer than 5 million alpacas involved in wool production, alpaca stands as a symbol of exclusivity. In contrast, the cashmere market is flooded with over 700 million goats. This scarcity adds an element of uniqueness to alpaca wool, presenting it as a selection that embodies individuality and elegance.


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Crafting success: the PROMPERÚ and Globally Cool partnership

The effort to highlight the appeal of alpaca wool is unfolding through a partnership between PROMPERÚ and Globally Cool. PROMPERÚ, an influential advocate for Peru’s exports and tourism, acknowledges the potential of alpaca wool in European markets. By commissioning Globally Cool to thoroughly study the Home Decoration and Home Textile sector in Germany and Denmark, PROMPERÚ is establishing a solid foundation for the success of Peruvian businesses.

Globally Cool’s strategy involves a series of coordinated steps. From longlisting parties of interest to conducting interviews with relevant buyers, each stage provides valuable insights that shape the project. The buyer profiles resulting from these interviews offer valuable information about preferences, sustainability practices, and EU legal requirements. The culmination of these efforts yields a comprehensive market report, poised to empower Peruvian suppliers.

Globally Cool: international business made easy

At the core of this project is our enthusiasm for the companies we support. Through clear communication and genuine interaction, the Cool team unearths insights that go the extra mile. What’s more, buyers are encouraged to share more, forging deeper connections, which sometimes result in potential business matches.

Mere months later, Globally Cool partnered up with ICI Business to create some additional buyer profiles for the Benelux market. Being based in the Netherlands, the Cool team went above and beyond by attending local trade fairs and visiting relevant businesses to provide the most useful information possible.

Our commitment to delivering market research findings in a professional yet practical manner will enable Peruvian suppliers to broaden their offerings to Europe and beyond.


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