Philippines impact: advancing quality standards with positive influence

Aug 14, 2023

Philippines impact: advancing quality standards with positive influence

Aug 14, 2023

We are thrilled to share the outstanding journey of collaboration and impact that Globally Cool has embarked upon alongside the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Our joint endeavour, the “Global Quality and Standards Programme in the Philippines” (GQSP), has been proof of our dedication, innovation, and shared values.

Fostering development in the Philippines 

At the core of this collective effort lies a profound objective: nurturing the Philippines’ development. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, DTI collaborated with local manufacturers to diversify production and address shortages of essential goods, including personal protective equipment (PPE). Supported by the Government of Switzerland through the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), the initiative’s focus is on elevating the quality, standards, and conformity assessments of PPE and medical devices.

The GQSP Special Measure project in the Philippines carries a compelling long-term vision: to ensure safe and purposeful PPEs, medical devices, and sanitation products for the nation’s people and health workers. This ambition is pursued through three vital objectives: harmonizing standards to establish safety benchmarks, investing in manufacturing excellence through reliable testing and certification services and fostering a culture of quality that ensures sustained progress.


Leaving our mark in the Philippines

Globally Cool’s involvement in this project has been marked by our comprehensive market assessment and industrial capacity evaluation. These pivotal steps laid the groundwork for future export strategies within the dynamic PPE sector of the Philippines. What truly sets our participation apart is the ethos we bring to every project we undertake.

Our dedication to achieving high standards and flexibility became evident as we navigated the landscape of the Philippine market. Through in-depth market research, we were able to find ways to innovate and customize our solutions thoughtfully, while ensuring they remained in line with the project’s goals. This method, along with our strong commitment to providing value, helped us accurately address the stakeholders’ needs.

Committed to creating valuable change

We are immensely proud of how our efforts aligned with the values of the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry and UNIDO, reflecting a shared vision of progress and growth. As the project nears its culmination, we eagerly anticipate a sharing session that will bring together all stakeholders. This session is poised to be a platform where the progress achieved is celebrated and the future steps are charted. It’s not just the end of a project; it’s the beginning of a lasting impact.

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