Building a sustainable e-commerce ecosystem in Armenia

Jul 7, 2023

Building a sustainable e-commerce ecosystem in Armenia

Jul 7, 2023

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you: Globally Cool is part of a new e-commerce development project in Armenia. The project is commissioned by the Netherlands Embassy in Armenia and RVO, in cooperation with the Ministries of High-tech Industry and Economy.

This exciting program aims to empower 20 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Armenia with the skills and know-how they need to succeed in their e-commerce journey. From designing eye-catching websites to nailing marketing and sales strategies, participants will get the full package to kickstart and expand their successful online businesses.

Sustainable e-commerce ecosystem

We’re focusing on the clothing and agrifood sectors and by empowering these sectors with e-commerce training and support, we’re not only fostering inclusive economic growth but also creating a sustainable and innovative e-commerce ecosystem. We’re also unleashing the power of the train the trainer approach, by involving young economists from the Armenian State University of Economics. This way, knowledge is passed down from one expert to another, propelling the private sector’s digitalization efforts forward.

Now is the time

The Armenian government is paving the way for a digital economy, making connectivity and affordable broadband a top priority. With the introduction of common standards, improved cybersecurity, and a digital-friendly environment, the stage is set for businesses to thrive in the online realm. So there’s never been a better time to hop on the e-commerce bandwagon in Armenia.

The volume of online transactions in Armenia has already shot up by a whopping 32 percent, showcasing the growing appetite for e-commerce among consumers. However, for many Armenian entrepreneurs, taking their businesses online remains uncharted territory due to factors like unfamiliarity, financial constraints, and inadequate infrastructure.

This e-commerce development project will help SMEs embrace digital technologies, accelerate their digital transformation, and unlock a world of opportunities. The project entails a comprehensive hybrid training program, and a vibrant online community where knowledge is shared, connections are made, and innovation thrives.

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In 2023, we can expect to see continued growth in e-commerce, personalisation, and sustainable shopping practices. Want to stay ahead of these trends?

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