7 tips for effective market research at a trade event

Jul 5, 2023

7 tips for effective market research at a trade event

Jul 5, 2023

When it comes to mastering the art of market research, trade events offer a fertile ground for gathering and refining critical data. By effectively leveraging the insights and connections these events offer, you can not only enhance your understanding of the market but also position your organisation for strategic growth.

In this blog, we’ll delve into seven proven tips for conducting effective market research at trade events. These tips, applied effectively, can empower your organisation to make the most out of every trade show or event you attend.

1. Create a solid research plan

Proper preparation is the foundation of successful market research. That means having a comprehensive research plan, with well-defined objectives before setting foot at the event. This plan will guide your activities and ensure you stay focused on what matters most – gathering valuable data.

2. Sharpen your focus

Trade events can be overwhelming, given the diverse range of products and markets on display. We suggest focusing on two or three specific products and markets. This focused approach allows you to gather detailed information and gain deep insights into your areas of interest.

3. Schedule appointments in advance

Trade events are a bustling hive of activity, and product managers, buyers, C-level executives, or industry experts are usually swamped. To ensure you get quality face time, schedule appointments with the people you want to meet 4-6 weeks in advance. Don’t overlook your network for introductions to key players. This proactive approach guarantees that you get the time and attention you need from the right people.

4. Polish your sales pitch

Your introduction can make or break your interaction with a potential lead. We recommend having a captivating introduction that encourages people to engage with you. This sales pitch should not only present you as an industry expert but also pique their interest to know more about you and what you can do for them.

5. Dig deeper

While carrying out market research, don’t settle for surface-level answers. Investigate deeper by asking follow-up questions about the impact, future expectations, and possible considerations for action. This depth of inquiry will provide a more nuanced understanding of market dynamics.

6. Attend seminars

Trade events are a treasure trove of insights, especially the (often free) seminars they host. These sessions shed light on the latest trends and offer a fantastic networking opportunity. Remember, knowledge is power in the world of market research.

7. Observe the competition

Finally, don’t miss the chance to learn from industry competitors. By observing their booth, product offering, promotional activities, and overall presentation, you can collect valuable insights. This intel can inform your future strategies and give you a competitive edge.

Effective market research at trade events can provide a wealth of data that can fuel your organisation’s growth. By incorporating these proven tips into your strategy, you can turn every trade event into a powerful learning experience and opportunity for strategic development. Be prepared, be focused, be proactive, and above all, be ready to learn and adapt!

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