An inspiring alliance: transforming Myanmar’s HDHT sector

Jun 13, 2023

An inspiring alliance: transforming Myanmar’s HDHT sector

Jun 13, 2023

In a heartwarming display of collaboration, Globally Cool and a team of dedicated consultants from Myanmar came together with a shared mission: to revolutionise the Home Decoration and Home Textiles (HDHT) sector. This extraordinary project harnessed the collective expertise and resources of these industry leaders to enhance the sector’s export competitiveness and unlock the European market’s vast potential. The collaboration unfolded with Globally Cool’s seasoned professionals working hand in hand with local Burmese HDHT companies, forming a dynamic synergy that would shape the sector’s future. Throughout this transformative journey, training programs were conducted to empower local consultants, as they honed their skills in product development and the art of finding buyers online. Join us, as we delve into the captivating story of this remarkable collaboration, and witness how it has paved the way for a future filled with prosperity and growth.

Igniting global awareness: unveiling Myanmar’s hidden HDHT sector to the world

Myanmar’s HDHT sector had remained relatively unknown to international buyers, lacking the visibility it deserved. Buyers were unaware of the sector’s diverse range of offerings and the unique weaving techniques employed in the production process. It was crucial to change this narrative and create an environment where the sector could flourish on a global scale.

Crafting a competitive edge: revolutionizing product development in Myanmar

While the HDHT sector had achieved commendable success in exporting products, there was a pressing need to align with the ever-evolving demands of the European and international markets. To remain competitive in the long term, it was essential to prioritise product development, ensuring that the rural communities responsible for crafting these products could directly benefit from export opportunities.

Empowering growth: training and coaching for success in Myanmar’s HDHT industry

To empower HDHT companies in Myanmar, the project rolled out extensive training programs and coaching sessions, primarily conducted online for accessibility and convenience. These initiatives were designed to equip companies with the necessary tools to develop market-oriented products and establish valuable connections with international buyers. By bridging the gap between product offerings and market trends, the project set the stage for sustainable growth.

“On behalf of the Myanmar Rattan & Bamboo Entrepreneurs Association (MRBEA), we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional support and dedication to our sector. Your time, effort, and tremendous patience in coaching and training our members have been truly invaluable. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in our ability to become more export-competent and better equipped to succeed in the international market.” 

– Myint Oo, Chairman

Unveiling the tapestry: the Burma Craft website showcasing Myanmar’s HDHT treasures

As a cornerstone of sector promotion and showcasing the rich tapestry of HDHT products, the project team developed the Burma Craft website. This digital platform serves as an immersive experience, featuring captivating storytelling and testimonials, including a video showcasing a delighted Dutch client’s visit to Myanmar. The website’s grand digital launch, attended by local Myanmar players and embassies, amplified its reach and created a sense of anticipation among potential buyers.

Myanmar's HDHT Sector - Burma Craft website Mock up

Burma Craft website

From collaboration to global spotlight: amplifying Myanmar’s HDHT sector on the international stage

Collaboration has been the beating heart of this project, propelling it towards remarkable success. The crowning moment arrived with the international launch of the Burma Craft website at the prestigious Ambiente, a renowned German HDHT trade fair. The event, graced by the esteemed president of Ambiente, not only generated significant publicity but also acted as a gateway to a world of new opportunities. It served as a catalyst, sparking interest and igniting connections that will propel Myanmar’s HDHT sector towards greater global recognition. Through the collaborative efforts of the project and the dynamic connections established during the Burma Craft website launch, a powerful synergy has been formed. This alliance not only uplifts Myanmar’s HDHT sector but also sets the stage for transformative product development, driven by passion and talent. Together, we forge a path of innovation, creating a future where Myanmar’s craftsmanship can flourish on the global stage.

With the project’s first phase concluded in the first quarter of 2023, the focus is shifted to future endeavours. The team aims to build upon the accomplishments thus far, with a continued emphasis on product development. The next phase will hopefully witness the unveiling of new offerings on the Burma Craft website.


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