Introducing new team member: Nadia Fernández

Mar 23, 2023

Introducing new team member: Nadia Fernández

Mar 23, 2023

Excited for starting this experience

I’m a Spanish student with Higher Vocational Training in International Trade. My studies had a broad scope and I studied the various aspects of International trade. From market entry marketing techniques to Google positioning, payment methods, logistics, and even legal requirement compliance. I’m excited and enthusiastic to apply all my knowledge here at Globally Cool and to continue learning, as much as I can, from this experience.

My passions

I was born in the north of Spain and I love the mountains, the sea, snow and green landscapes. I consider myself a car enthusiast and I really enjoy going to events all around Spain, as well as driving through mountain roads with my old car in.

Wanting to improve in every aspect of my life

I’m sure that this opportunity will help me in my professional and personal development. Moreover, having the chance to enjoy it in a company that is active in all the areas that I have studied about, is amazing. 

With this experience, I aim to improve my English skills and discover in which area I would like to specialise because, after that, I would like to complete my studies with another Higher Vocational Training.


Experience in and with emerging markets

Since 1995, Globally Cool has trained and coached thousands of professionals, in over 45 emerging markets. Want to know more about what Globally Cool can do for you? Check out our services and join us!