How stories and facts combined can change behaviour – a case study

Dec 16, 2022

How stories and facts combined can change behaviour – a case study

Dec 16, 2022

Did you know stories can capture people’s attention, make it easier to process information and enhance positive human behaviours? For us, it was one of the main pillars in the development of the Jordanian olive oil website. The website was recently launched, and in this case study, we are happy to reveal the steps for combining stories and facts.

Jordanian olive oil—an introduction

But first, let’s talk olives from Jordan. Olive trees have been growing in Jordan for over 5,400 years and they have great religious, social, and cultural value. Many of the ancient perennial trees still bear fruit to this day. From the heart of the Levant, Jordan offers some of the finest extra virgin olive oils. Combining ancient traditions with modern techniques, the olives are carefully handpicked, before being processed in state-of-the-art pressing mills.

Why stories?

We mentioned a lot of facts about olive oil from Jordan in the previous paragraph, right? When convincing international buyers to buy your products, it’s hard to do so with bare facts. You want to differentiate your company or sector from the competitors, and authenticity is one of the key factors to keep in mind. What is more authentic than your story and the dream behind the product or service? Buyers are people too, and narratives are especially powerful in changing people’s beliefs and behaviours. When they are transported into the story, people become emotionally engaged and are more open to changing their beliefs. And that is exactly what we have done for the Jordanian olive oil sector.

Creating an appetite for olive oil

Jordanian olive farms have often been in families for generations, and extra-virgin olive oil is the cornerstone of the cuisine of this region. This can be turned into compelling stories to tell and that is what we did on this page about the olive oil sector. Here, reasons to buy are combined with stories about history, tradition, and taste. For example, to stress the unique varieties and flavours, a quote by Chef Jacques Rossel, Director of the royal academy of culinary arts, is included on the page. Tradition is underlined with a story about olive harvesting, bringing families together to pick ripened olives from the trees and take them to mills to get that liquid gold.

Of course, company profiles are also crucial information on such a website. A short description, blended with wow pictures and contact information, offers visitors the information they need to get in touch with Jordanian suppliers. These olive oil exporters are ready to conquer new markets!

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