5 practical tips to make your office more CSR compliant – this week

Oct 6, 2022

5 practical tips to make your office more CSR compliant – this week

Oct 6, 2022

For us at Globally Cool, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is tremendously important. We are always looking for ways to improve our own practices and our consultants are experts at helping other companies establish and reach their CSR goals.

Writing a solid CRS plan for your company is not something you can do overnight – formulating your goals takes time. First, you want to define which areas of your business offer the biggest opportunities and challenges and where you could make the biggest impact.

But if you want to start right now, we give you five tips that you can apply this week!

Tip 1: Biodegradable products

We might not wash our hands as much as two years ago, but we still wash them, right? Replacing your cleaning products with biodegradable options is a good place to start minimising the negative impact on the environment.

Products to replace are hand soap, dishwashing liquid and of course the products your professional cleaners use to clean the office.

Tip 2: Print it out (or don’t)

We have all seen that disclaimer at the end of an email saying: please consider the environment before printing this email. But if you do have something to print, choose sustainable printing paper.

Tip 3: Vote with your money and switch

What you spend your money on is how you vote for what you find important in the world. It only requires a small time investment to find sustainable alternatives for products or services you would buy anyway.

Switch your regular coffee for fair trade coffee and do the same for tea and sugar.

Choose the bio or plant-based version of your office coffee milk. And when you are ready to invest in new furniture or office appliances, look into fair trade or otherwise more sustainable options.

Tip 4: Buy blankets

It is probably no news to you that gas and electricity prices have significantly increased in the past year. So, this tip is good for the planet and your wallet.

There are many ways to diminish the use of electricity and gas in your office, this website gives a good overview, but besides that: we are buying blankets. Fairtrade and eco-certified, of course.

We all know that one person (or more than one) feels cold the minute they sit down. Instead of raising the temperature in the office for everyone, the people that feel a little chilly can grab a blanket.

Tip 5: Treat your employees or co-workers

A more plant-based diet is an essential step toward living more sustainably. Treating your employees or co-workers to plant-based food is a good way to introduce them to it. Find a local restaurant that serves vegetarian or plant-based food and enjoy a nice meal together.

Do you also want to make your company more sustainable? Are you ready to go beyond these five tips? Check out our strategy development services and contact us!

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