5 great content marketing tools to help you boost your digital strategy

Sep 21, 2022

5 great content marketing tools to help you boost your digital strategy

Sep 21, 2022

Did you know that 88% of marketers use content marketing as part of their digital strategy? And while no content marketing tool can replace talented humans, making use of tools and technology can for sure aid you along the way towards better results. The content marketing experts from Globally Cool share some helpful advice about great content marketing tools that might help you with your digital marketing strategy.

There are so many content marketing tools available, some are free or cheap, while others will cost you quite a lot. These tools also serve a ton of different purposes, from generating content to promotion, optimization, and much more. Even though this sounds very exciting, choosing the right tool for yourself might also be difficult.  The good news is—most have a free version. If you want to step up your marketing game, you can consider subscribing to the paid options.  Check out five of our favourite content marketing tools below.

Content marketing tool #1: Grammarly

The bread and butter for every content marketer to write flawless English is Grammarly. It’s a true game-changer and especially helpful for non-native English writers. Or even if English is your first language, it might still help you out a great deal. Your audience won’t perceive you as trustworthy, nor engage with your content, if it has spelling and grammar errors, no matter which market you are addressing. That’s where Grammarly comes in! It detects errors and helps proofread your content before you post it online. Besides catching grammar mistakes, it also monitors word usage, overused words, and more. It even drops suggestions for better phrasing! What is also a big plus is the fact that it can work on multiple communication media, from your emails to word documents to social media.

Grammarly Mockup

Content marketing tool #2: Yoast

Your helpful buddy when you want to work on your search engine optimisation (SEO). Yoast is a WordPress plug-in and very easy to use. You can consider it as an “all-in-one” plug-in that virtually does everything; including optimising content for keywords, checking meta-descriptions, URL slugs, suggesting relevant link building, and much more. The simple traffic light indicator (red, yellow, green) is easy to figure out and lets you optimise your page perfectly. Besides the WordPress plug-in, they have other plug-ins as well, plus great blogs to study and learn more about SEO. Their community is amazing and every content marketer will get some great benefits out of using Yoast for sure.

Yoast Mockup

Content marketing tool #3: Canva

Designing your marketing materials was never as easy as it is with Canva. Of course, all your marketing efforts need to look good and high-quality, and Canva is the tool that can help you with that. Adobe Photoshop is expensive and quite hard to master, which might scare people. For these people, Canva is the perfect solution. The pre-built templates and layouts make it easy to get started and edit it in a way that suits your needs. Different layouts are designed for the platforms you want to post them on, such as the social media banners. You can easily drag and drop elements into Canva or use their stock footage. From cool infographics to print materials and blog material, Canva has it all!

Canva Mockup

Content marketing tool #4: Hootsuite

As a content marketer, you are often responsible for managing multiple social media channels. If that is the case, a social media planning tool might be the perfect solution. Alternatively, you will have to post natively from every channel, making it easy to lose track of what has been done where. That is why many marketers use a content planning tool, such as Hootsuite. This allows you to create and plan social posts ahead of time and analyse your output as well. Draft posts, schedule them, check your calendar, and view your latest posts from your dashboard so you will never be out of the loop anymore. We at Globally Cool use Coosto as an alternative to Hootsuite, you might want to check them out too!

Hoorsuite & Coosto Mockup


Content marketing tool #5: Teamwork

Do you find yourself struggling to keep track of everything you are doing and all tasks that are at hand? For that, you would need a handy and easy-to-use project management tool. Teamwork is just that! From resource management to Kanban boards and time tracking, you can do it all in this helpful project management tool. It puts your team’s projects all in one place and is customizable enough to grow with your changing needs. When you produce a lot of content, Teamwork helps you manage the process and progress. Other options like Trello or Asana might also suit your needs.

Teamwork Mockup

Ready, set, go! Need help with your content marketing strategy? Contact us!

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