Globally Cool spices up D’vanya’s digital marketing strategy

Aug 9, 2022

Globally Cool spices up D’vanya’s digital marketing strategy

Aug 9, 2022

Being a well-known hot sauce and spices brand in the Bahamas for 20 years, D’vanya’s found it was time to take over the world. Looking to expand, digital marketing comes on in first place. And that’s were Globally Cool comes in! Our consultants Herre, Mariët and Preslava advised D’vanya’s on how to develop their online presence and optimise their channels. Read on to find out how we helped D’vanya’s improve its digital marketing strategy!

Spice up your life with D’vanya’s

From the heart of the Bahamas (Nassau), D’vanya’s produces sauces and spices like your grandmother used to make. The company’s high-quality products add spice to their clients’ lives. Not only in the Bahamas, but since a few years also worldwide. Despite successful sales, D’vanya’s desires to expand their business in international markets. Therefore, to be able to compete on a larger scale, improving the company’s online presence was needed. This is where they turned to Globally Cool! Especially now, due to the global pandemic, it is more essential than ever for companies and organisations to optimise their digital marketing and promotion. This increases online visibility online and reaches more international buyers. Thanks to Carib-Export (Caribbean Export and Investment Agency), D’vanya’s was able to reach the financial aids to achieve its strategic objectives.

Training and coaching for D’vanya’s

Our performance and usability assessment for the website and all existing social media channels uncovered weaknesses and areas for improvement. The next step was virtual training the staff of on various digital marketing subjects, ranging from effective website content and SEO to social media and content planning training. Interactive presentations on improvement areas, quick wins and recommendations helped D’vanya’s team make the first steps. What’s next? Creating entertaining content, engaging with their audience and sticking to a consistent content flow. Of course, our cool consultants will coach them along the way.


Spice up your digital marketing!

Globally Cool knows that in the 21st century, digital marketing is a key factor when a company or organisation wants to reach a broader audience. Through assessments, providing quick wins and recommendations and campaign implementation, we already helped over 1,000 SMEs and BSOs reach the #1 spot in Google and reach their desired target audience on social media. Contact us to spice your digital marketing and become globally cool!

Experience in and with emerging markets

Since 1995, Globally Cool has trained and coached thousands of professionals, in over 45 emerging markets. Want to know more about what Globally Cool can do for you? Check out our services and join us!