How Globally Cool elevated export development for Paraguayan handicraft producers

Aug 4, 2022

How Globally Cool elevated export development for Paraguayan handicraft producers

Aug 4, 2022

Did you know that Paraguay managed to reduce poverty by half over the last ten years? A major achievement, but there is much more effort needed to continue decreasing poverty. To support this, Global Affairs Canada and Cowater commissioned Globally Cool to conduct an export development course and develop policies and programmes for the Paraguayan Institute of Handicrafts (IPA).

All-in export readiness

Consultants Luz, Valeria and Herre worked for five months on developing the programme for the handicraft companies. The result is an all-in export readiness training with topics ranging from basic requirements and logistics to how to develop your unique value proposition and elevate digital marketing.

2 full days, 46 participants

How Globally Cool elevated export development for Paraguayan handicraft producers - Globally Cool


The climax of the project was a packed two-day training course. As some of the SMEs do not have access to digital infrastructure, we combined both virtual and psychical attendance in a unique manner – with success! Our trainers educated in total 46 business representatives, who were all tremendously engaged and active in the sessions. As this project also included special attention for women, indigenous or other under-represented groups, we were pleased to have reached high attendance and engagement numbers proving the project has completed this goal.

The participants and trainers of the course - Globally Cool


Project legacy

To ensure the programme stays alive and provide IPA with tools to further develop their services, two extra activities were executed: a Training of Trainers course to teach IPA officials how to conduct the training themselves and a report on good practices of BSOs worldwide, on which the organization will base their future strategy.

The cherry on the cake is seeing how inspired participants become. Just like Fiorella Galli, from one of the participating SMEs: “Thank you, Luz Maria Barrientos and Valeria Escudero for sharing so much with us. We have a long way to go but these tools were very useful Thanks to IPA for inviting us and for the whole organisation! Let’s work together so that our crafts go as far as possible!”

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