Launching new portal to promote Jordanian agricultural exports

Jul 22, 2022

Launching new portal to promote Jordanian agricultural exports

Jul 22, 2022

What is the outcome of joining both on- and offline coaching in Jordan? The answer is; a new promotional portal for their fresh fruit and vegetables sector! A hybrid ceremony in Jordan introduced a fresh and up-to-date website that helps agricultural businesses export their products to markets all over the globe. Continue reading to learn more about the portal and its strategic objectives!

Website launch

Last month, we shared how working with the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture uncovered the benefits and disadvantages of online versus offline coaching. Now, we are more than thrilled to announce finding the right coaching balance and uniting the efforts of CBI, the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Globally Cool was fruitful. On July 7th, an official ceremony took place, launching the online market intelligence portal (OMIP) for Jordan’s fresh fruits and vegetables. What will you find in the portal? It offers information on production for international markets – such as standards and legal requirements – and intelligence regarding potential markets for key fruit and vegetables products.

Ceremony in Jordan

The responsible task force members active in OMIP development joined the launching ceremony both on- and offline. The Minister of Agriculture Eng. Khaled Al-Hnaifat, Vice Ambassador Mark Hisler and Hazim Alsumadi officially launched the website and introduced its features to involved parties and Jordan’s agri-businesses. CBI’s Programme and Country Manager Melanie van der Baaren – Haga and Globally Cool’s Managing Partner Onno Roukens joined the ceremony virtually. Again, a perfect combination of both virtual and physical involvement!

Globally-Cool-launching-portal-Jordan-speaker Globally-Cool-launching-portal-audience

Only the beginning

Onno believes that this is an excellent start but the best is yet to come: “Market information is crucial knowledge for farmers in order to make well-thought-out decisions. It’s just like milk – if it’s fresh, the taste is good and perfect for adding to your morning espresso. On the other hand, if the milk is outdated, the taste is sour and dangerous to consume. If businesses cannot find fresh and up-to-date information, they will taste the consequences of the sour milk.” That is why the team will make ensure the website stays up-to-date, with the latest market intel. Next steps? Building the organisational structure and website content planning!

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