Ready, set, export: promoting the Lebanese furniture brand Minjara at INDEX Dubai

Jun 13, 2022

Ready, set, export: promoting the Lebanese furniture brand Minjara at INDEX Dubai

Jun 13, 2022

The last two years were a challenge for all of us. The pandemic had a big influence on the way Globally Cool works, as we’ve had to completely reframe the way we operate – making webinars work, coaching online and restricting travel. However, now that the world is opening up, we are thrilled to be able to hit the road once again! Our first inter-continental stop for this year – Dubai – researching export opportunities for the Lebanese brand Minjara.

 The mission: promoting Minjara

At the end of May, our international trade consultants – Wietske Zandberg and Esmée Wiering spent a week in Dubai for the annual INDEX trade fair – an event providing the largest single trading and networking opportunities in the entire Middle Eastern Architecture & Design industry. Their main mission, while being there, was to support Minjara – a Lebanese brand that features the works of skilled furniture producers in Tripoli and brings them together under one umbrella.

A detour to Abu Dhabi

LebaneseBusinessCouncil To kick off the week, Wietske and Esmée joined the Minjara team to attend a meeting at the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi. They were invited by Minjara’s project manager – Joya Douaih and Diva Chbeir – the Minjara Sales and Marketing Manager at the Rene Moawad Foundation. While being there, they met with the council’s president – Mr. Sufyan S. Saleh – experienced in the contracting and construction business, he could provide our experts with very valuable insights and connections within the industry.

Minjara’s project manager Joya Douaih compares the Globally Cool consultants to superheroes: “They are truly a team of superheroes, nothing is too hard for them and they find solutions to every challenge.”  Watch the testimonial below!


Let’s get trading!


On Tuesday, the trade fair took place, where Wietske and Esmée took the time to explore Minjara’s export opportunities. Together with the Minjara team, they engaged with experts in the field and collected information about the local market. At the end of the day, the team was invited to a reputed Interior Design Studio in Dubai, where they received valuable feedback on the Minjara collection and discussed the current state and possibilities for Minjara in the UAE market.

We’re always ready to learn


Trade fairs are not only for business matchmaking, it’s the perfect place to gain knowledge as well! On the second trade fair day, Wietske and Esmée did exactly that and visited various seminars. They listened to acclaimed orators from the Architecture & Design industry and – of course – they did not miss the opportunity to gather some professional feedback about Minjara’s activities and plans for the future, as well as advice regarding audience segmentation and market targeting.

Looking into the future


You can imagine a lot of market intel was gathered – but it didn’t stop there. The last day was therefore spent participating in some final meetings (with CEOs of established retailers in the sector) and gathering the final pieces of valuable information. To finish off their business for the week, the Minjara task force met with the showroom owners of Nakkash Gallery. They provided the team with beneficial insights that might even open doors for future Minjara activities… 😉

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