Intern for a day Vanessa: “My interest in international business is sparked”

Apr 1, 2022

Intern for a day Vanessa: “My interest in international business is sparked”

Apr 1, 2022

The first NHL Stenden student joined us to become part of the Globally Cool team for a day: Vanessa from Romania! It has been an inspiring and eventful day. Passionate to explore the world of digital marketing, Preslava helped her discover what it’s like to be a media professional.

What is an intern for a day?

Globally Cool offers future graduates the opportunity to experience an internship adventure for a day. By joining the team and sitting next to our intern Preslava, students dive into the world of social media management, content marketing, search engine optimisation, and digital and communication strategies. At the end of the day, the theory turns into practise by creating and publishing content for Globally Cool.

Globally Cool welcomes Vanessa

Vanessa Stoica entered the office with a big smile and excitement. She is a 3rd-year Creative Business student from Romania and has extensive experience in visual design. Fun fact: the one-day internship at Globally Cool was not Vanessa’s first placement.

Her journey commenced with a warm, welcoming cup of coffee and a presentation about Globally Cool and its projects. Leaving her with a good impression of what the company does, it was time to join some interesting meetings. First, Vanessa joined the bi-weekly marketing meeting of the cool team and contributed with creative ideas. After that, she attended a meeting with one of our clients from Jordan – they met the team, discussed project goals and looked through competitors’ performance. After a recharging lunch break, the social media team planned Globally Cool’s digital content for April and Vanessa published her first Instagram and Facebook post on our channel.

After a long and busy day, Vanessa felt motivated and even more energised than in the morning. Now, she knows how to start looking for an internship, what to expect and who knows; maybe we will see her CV pop up in our mailbox.

Discover the advantages of working in a small, yet international company and become our September intern.

Experience in and with emerging markets

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