Become an intern for a day at Globally Cool

Mar 1, 2022

Become an intern for a day at Globally Cool

Mar 1, 2022

Are you a future graduate? Do you speak English fluently? Do you have excellent communication skills? Do you want to discover the world of marketing? Do you want to be part of truly existing projects? If you can answer all these questions with yes, then we have an opportunity for you! Globally Cool gives students a chance to become an intern for one day.

Who are we?

Globally Cool is a consultancy company for international trade development. We support small and medium-sized companies that want to enter or expand in international markets. We also work with international support organisations such as European import promotion bodies like CBI/Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands, IPD in Germany, SIPPO in Switzerland, UNIDO and ITC from the United Nations and private organisations. Since 1995, we have trained and coached more than 10 thousand professionals in over 50 emerging markets.

Why should you apply?

We invite you to become part of the cool team – 3 managing partners, 15 employees and 1 intern and work from our office in Leeuwarden city centre. Take a place next to our intern Preslava and experience this journey in the best way possible. You will indulge into the world of social media management, content marketing, search engine optimisation, and digital and communication strategies. The focus of the one-day internship is learning how a placement at Globally Cool can help your personal and professional development. Next to that, we will help you discover graduation project opportunities.

As part of Preslava’s daily internship activities, she works on her planning, organizing and leadership skills. Curious to discover what it is like to be an intern at Globally Cool? Read Preslava’s story about her experience as a marketing intern.

Reveal the advantages to work in an international small and cool company and apply for your intern for a day position at

Experience in and with emerging markets

Since 1995 Globally Cool has trained and coached thousands of professionals, in over 45 emerging markets. Want to know more about what Globally Cool can do for you? Check out our services and join us!

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