25,000 followers, #1 ranking, and 12 videos: boosting the image of Vietnamese pangasius

Nov 17, 2021

25,000 followers, #1 ranking, and 12 videos: boosting the image of Vietnamese pangasius

Nov 17, 2021

Over the last 6 years, VASEP and Globally Cool have joined forces to improve the perception of Vietnamese pangasius in European markets—with a lot of success! The Your everyday fish channels make up for a total of 25,000 followers on social media and rank #1 on a number of search engines. Curious what else we have reached so far?

Image harming stories

Branding concept Your everyday fish was formed to improve the image of pangasius, which has struggled with a poor reputation over the last decade. Especially in Western European markets,  media exposed some bad practices and irresponsible farming at a number of smallholders in Vietnam, which naturally contributed to negative sentiment. Though the story wasn’t true for the whole industry in Vietnam, the damage was done, and the impact to the industry in Vietnam was significant. Exports decreased by 25% to below USD 1.5 billion, leading to a considerable loss of employment and closing of businesses. So—it was time for change! Your everyday fish features true stories from pangasius farms across Vietnam and aims to advertise facts and statistics following the change to target audiences.

Special content creation

With online marketing focusing more and more on videos, it was time to do the same for Your everyday fish. This year, Globally Cool created three video series. It probably won’t come as a surprise that the first series revolved about pangasius recipes. 😉 With a chef leading step-by-step delicious panga dish how-to’s, we hope to inspire viewers to try it for themselves. Next to that, our team of video marketers interviewed several fish lovers on their perception regarding pangasius and created sketches about pangasius customs all over the world.

1 million impressions and 25,000 followers

It may be clear that fish lovers are able to find Youreverydayfish.com online. With over 1 million impressions in Google, the website—in 5 different languages—continues to grow in popularity. On social media channels, the popularity is also starting to shine through. With more positive feedback than ever, the English Facebook channel especially has experienced a significant growth spurt – from 10,000 to 20,000 followers.

Próximos pasos

The next step? Spanish-speaking markets. With the Global Seafood Expo 2022 in Barcelona, it’s the perfect time to focus on engagement with Spanish buyers and consumers. Curious what Your everyday fish activities Globally Cool will be involved in next? Stay tuned!

Experience in and with emerging markets

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