1 country, 4 natural ingredients, 29 companies: on a mission to boost digital marketing

Oct 26, 2021

1 country, 4 natural ingredients, 29 companies: on a mission to boost digital marketing

Oct 26, 2021

Yet another digital marketing assignment for Globally Cool—CBI has commissioned us to train and coach 29 SMEs. All the companies are from Indonesia and active in the natural ingredients sector. Find out how our consultants boost the digital marketing of these motivated businesses!

Seaweed, essential oils, and plant extracts

Global consumer demand for natural ingredients such as seaweed, essential oils, and plant extracts are growing rapidly. These ingredients are mainly used in food, health, and cosmetic products. Indonesia is one of the biggest producers and exporters of natural ingredients. CBI is carrying out an intensive 5-year project that will help the natural ingredients industry to:

  • Develop new products
  • Add value to their business
  • Meet European Union buyer requirements, such as a high-quality standards and sustainability goals

In addition, the SMEs are coached on various fronts—and that’s where Globally Cool comes in!

Enhancing digital knowledge and skills

Our team of marketing consultants will ensure that the businesses improve their digital marketing knowledge and skills. After carrying out an initial assessment of their digital channels, our consultants will host ten webinars and various one-on-one coaching sessions. We will teach the ins-and-outs of:

  • Website usability and functionality
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Overall digital marketing strategy

The participating Indonesian Natural Ingredients SMEs will complete assignments and self-assessments on our in-house e-learning platform, Globally Cool Academy, to help them come up with a digital marketing improvement plan. Furthermore, we will co-create a digital strategy with the businesses that aligns with their export strategy. When all that is done, the SMEs will emerge ready to boost their digital marketing for defined, quick wins.

Digitalisation is more important than ever

Due to the pandemic and an ever-evolving digital world, it’s important for Indonesian Natural Ingredients SMEs to have an optimised digital marketing strategy. This will increase their international buyer visibility. Globally Cool will help the businesses tap into the great potential of online engagement, to grab the attention of international buyers through their website and social media channels.

Curious how Globally Cool can help you reach international buyers through digital marketing? Check out our services and contact us!

Experience in and with emerging markets

Since 1995 Globally Cool has trained and coached thousands of professionals, in over 45 emerging markets. Want to know more about what Globally Cool can do for you? Check out our services and join us!