BSO support: future proofing Vietnamese furniture association HAWA

Sep 17, 2021

BSO support: future proofing Vietnamese furniture association HAWA

Sep 17, 2021

With COVID-19 still lurking and disrupting day-to-day life, digital platforms have become essential to keep business going. As part of our support for the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City (HAWA), we can proudly announce yet another milestone: hosting webinars with 132 passionate industry participants at once.

Keeping business afloat in COVID-times

Earlier this year, we announced that Globally Cool will support HAWA in their mission to connect their 500 members to international buyers through their online exhibition platform, HOPE. The current situation in Vietnam calls for it. With an ongoing lockdown in Ho Chi Minh and a slow vaccination strategy—only 3% of the Vietnamese population have been fully vaccinated—digital trade channels have become essential to keep business afloat.

8 webinars, 132 participants

Digitalisation is essential, that’s evident. That is why – commissioned by CTIF – we have set up a digital marketing course for HAWA and its members. Providing businesses with tools to elevate their digital marketing is our biggest objective in this instance. The first forecast is promising: 132 participants attended our opening webinar, the course assignments were actively completed, and the work was uploaded to the custom-made e-learning platform.

Capacity building: BSO coaching and support

What’s different about this project is that our team of experts also focuses on capacity building within the HAWA team. They are tagging along with every facet of the project from focus groups with HOPE users to hosting them in our digital marketing course—all so that they are able to independently perform these activities themselves in the future.

Next steps

After thorough analysis, the HAWA team is now working on enhancing the HOPE platform and – of course – we’re developing the digital marketing skills of all the HAWA members. This will be a solid foundation for the next steps, when we’ll get in touch with buyers to get their thoughts regarding the improved platform. After that, it’s time to get our promotion game going and start announcing the arrival of HOPE 2.0!

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