How to create a sustainable online learning culture in your organisation

Sep 1, 2021

How to create a sustainable online learning culture in your organisation

Sep 1, 2021

Lifelong learning is more relevant than ever in the 21st century. Industries, regulations and jobs are ever-changing – businesses and people simply just have to keep up. Many organisations have come to the realisation that this is best done through employee development. But digitalisation and the pandemic has been a game-changer.

Twenty years ago, learning solely took place at physical locations. You would find yourself in a conference centre with a group of people all active in similar industries taking in the knowledge from a lecturer—that for 8 hours. We can hear you think: ‘well, that’s so 2000…’

It’s clear, learning has changed. Learning is no longer about single workshops and courses, it’s all about continuous development and creating a culture to support this. Next to that, learning happens more and more online and at the learner’s own pace. But how do you create an (online) learning culture in your organisation that’s sustainable? Here are some tips!

1. Learning: core organisational value

By making learning a core organisational value, your business shows employees that it’s committed to the improvement of employee’s skills. This will instil trust and support employees in their personal development. Now that learning is a core business value, it’s also important to make it part of the hiring process. Ensure that potential hires are curious, eager to learn and have a growth mindset. You could do this by asking questions about educational goals during job interviews.

2. Choose the right learning platforms

Do a quick Google search on learning platforms, and you will quickly find out that the possibilities and platforms are endless. As a business, it’s important that you choose a platform and way of learning that’s flexible and fits the needs of your organisation.

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3. Learning plans for all employees

To make learning a continuous part of the careers of your staff, it’s essential to create personal learning plans centering around improving professional skills and knowledge. In a learning plan, you list a staff member’s educational objectives.  Then you build an action plan on how to achieve them. This journey is extensive and doesn’t revolve around taking a course but the complete package that is necessary to get to the end goal. A huge part of the plan is documenting and keeping track of progress. Which takes us to the next tip!

4. Coach and lead by example

Coaching is essential. By scheduling meetings focused on employee’s personal development, you keep track of progress and create room for coaching. During these appointments, managers can take account of the needs of employees and offer support. Coaching can also help identify career opportunities and explore available resources. But most importantly: lead by example. Show that management is actively improving their own competencies and open for feedback. In coaching, this can be done by discussing a training that you as a manager have followed or reflecting on your own mistakes. The latter also shows staff that it’s okay to make mistakes and helps them open up on their own mistakes.

Anyway, being involved is key and keeps motivation high. You might even attend a training session with the employee as a peer. Be inventive, but always keep the staff member in mind – not everyone likes to bring their manager to training. 😉

5. Encourage knowledge sharing

When a business adopts a learning culture, it’s important to share milestones. Ask employees to let their co-workers know when they have achieved a new step in their learning plan. Let people know through your intranet, share some newfound insights or host knowledge sharing sessions. Encourage sharing, as it helps building a sound learning culture.

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