Discover the taste of 17,000 islands: branding Indonesian shrimp

Jul 26, 2021

Discover the taste of 17,000 islands: branding Indonesian shrimp

Jul 26, 2021

The export of Indonesian shrimp has been on the rise since 2015. With 207-thousand tons of shrimp exported in 2019, Indonesia belongs to the largest shrimp exporting countries. Longing to continue that growth, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries set a target to achieve a 250-percent increase in shrimp export value by 2024 – an ambitious objective that can only be realised with the right strategy. Find out how Globally Cool took part in it all!

Market potential and trends

Globally Cool, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the association of processed fisheries and shrimp took charge in creating a branding concept for Indonesian shrimp, which was initiated by SIPPO and UNIDO. This all starts with market research, since knowing where the opportunities lie is the starting point of any growth strategy. Currently, Indonesia is a big player in the USA, Japan and Europe and the country’s biggest competitors are Vietnam, India and Ecuador. Next to that, there is huge market potential in China and South Korea – where Vietnam is now market leader – and market trends show promise for value-added products, such as ready-to-cook shrimp. Therefore, this project focused on growth in all these areas.

Putting buyer perspectives into practice

The main question that then arises is how to realise this growth. For instance, it’s necessary to understand what importers want most. Numerous buyer surveys showed us what the strengths of Indonesian shrimp are, where new opportunities lie, what should be improved and how the products are currently rated.

With all this knowledge now ready to be formed into a branding concept, four co-creation sessions were conducted with the Indonesian exporters (30 members of the association) and the Ministry. Together, we decided on the value proposition of the shrimp, core values and distinctiveness compared to competing countries. These values then became input for developing the brand identity, concept, and matching logo and tagline.

Indonesia: shrimp farming and processing forerunner of Asia

The unique character of Indonesia with its archipelago and different cultures are distinctive features of the concept, reflecting the uniqueness of the country: year-round product availability, no use of antibiotics, and the long tradition that Indonesia has when it comes to farming and processing shrimp. That’s why the tagline of the concept is ‘Discover the taste of 17,000 islands’, which carries with it different cooking styles, recipes, spices and flavours. Here’s a sneak peek of part of the developed logo:

Next promotion steps

In the upcoming period, Globally Cool will coach the involved parties in developing a website where the branding concept and all developed content will come together. After that, the website will be officially launched at the trade fairs SIAL InterFOOD (Jakarta, November ‘21), World Expo (Dubai, October ’21 – March ‘22) and Seafood Expo Global (Barcelona, April ‘22).Branding and promotion can boost overall exports. Curious how Globally Cool can help you out? Have a look at our branding and promotion services or contact us!

Experience in and with emerging markets

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