Tourism Destination Toolbox is considered a true goldmine

February 25, 2021

If there is one sector that is in need of tools to thrive these days, it’s tourism. An online Tourism Destination Toolbox with promotion tools can be the answer. CBI commissioned us to organize a knowledge sharing session about a Tourism Destination Toolbox for business service organizations (BSOs) active in tourism promotion in developing countries.

This Toolbox is part of the work of the Trade Promotion Collaboration (TPC), an initiative in which several counterparts pool their know-how and create state-of-the-art content. Onno teamed up with Mirjam Moine and Tim Gamper to reveal this goldmine to other CBI experts during an online event. More than 30 tourism experts came together and shared knowledge about the Toolbox. CBI hosted the event in cooperation with IPD (Import Promotion Desk) SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Programme), and ITC (International Trade Centre).

Excellent input

The breakout room sessions and the plenary presentations provided excellent input to enrich the Toolbox. At the end of the meeting, a poll showed that 100% of the participants agreed that the TPC Toolbox offers tremendously valuable information. 65% of the attendees are very likely to recommend the Toolbox to colleagues, whereas 35% is likely to recommend the Toolbox.

Keeping content up to date

Keeping the content of the Toolbox up to date is essential of course. In a report, we included some first ideas on how to assure the content will maintain valuable. The feedback provided gives CBI the possibility to work on improving the content, think about ways to improve guidance on how to apply the content by BSOs, and improve the accessibility through the online platform. In the long-term processes and mechanisms for further enrichment and quality control need to be established.

Marijke Nijdam

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