Tourism in Zambia to bounce back with digital marketing training and coaching

Jan 13, 2021

Tourism in Zambia to bounce back with digital marketing training and coaching

Jan 13, 2021

The destination Zambia has a wealth of unique features. These are especially attractive for specific European markets, being the ‘core’ markets with high revenue potential and high affinity for leisure travel to Zambia. As a part of CBI’s long-term program for the tourism sector in Zambia, Globally Cool will assist 19 tour operators and 6 hotels and lodges to enhance their Digital Marketing Strategy.

2020 was a difficult time for the tourism and hospitality industry. But, history shows that the economy, and more specifically, the tourism industry is extremely resilient and always bounces back from difficult times. Even in these uncertain times, there are possibilities to stand out and to build tourism businesses back better than it was.

It all starts with a marketing strategy

Building back better starts with having a marketing strategy. One of the most important things to do during this ‘new normal’ time is to translate that strategy into a digital marketing plan. Digital marketing will help tourism businesses to restart and reposition their companies in the tourism industry and attract visitors to Zambia.

As of now, the potential for attracting more, higher spending and more sustainability-aware European tourists is not fully utilized. CBI’s program aims to support the Zambian tourism sector to grasp these opportunities for further growth in European markets. At the same time, the program aims to support building a sound foundation for future sustainable and durable growth by:

  • Turning the strategy into a digital marketing plan
  • Using visuals and USPs to appeal their target markets
  • Wow the audiences with featuring top products
  • Creating a website that generates leads and bookings
  • Getting more visitors from search engines with Search Engine Optimization
  • Improving visibility in social media and how to advertise
  • Using quick win action + SMART goals to measure success


Webinars and one-on-one coaching

Globally Cool experts are transferring their knowledge during nine live webinars. There are also self-assessments and assignments per lesson available. After the webinar-series, an evaluation and one-on-one coaching sessions will be planned with the attendees. The goal is to finalize its Digital Marketing Plan and to make use of quick wins to flourish again.

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