The next level in digital marketing for Fritom

January 8, 2021

In 2020, but also in 2021, we are working together with the companies of the Fritom Group on their online marketing. This is being done by transferring our knowledge about several topics.

Last year we managed to launch nine appealing B2B sales-focused and multi-language websites together. Moreover, a website always leaves room for further improvement, in terms of content and new technical possibilities.

Of course, digital marketing goes beyond having a well-functioning website. This is the reason why Fritom asked us to help elevate their digital marketing activities with workshops and coaching on the job.

The several workshops are, among other things, focused on Search Engine optimization, content creation and marketing automation and helps to develop and strengthen the skills and abilities of the Fritom experts. With coaching, we are bringing the knowledge in practice, where needed. The goal is of course to thrive in a fast-changing online world.

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Marijke Nijdam

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