How a cool team helps spreading the spicy message

December 9, 2020

Meeting new people is terrific, but seeing a familiar face now and then is also wonderful. The enthusiastic team of UCHU Spice from Ecuador and Peru is one of these acquaintances. We first met them during the Globally Cool Academy course Optimize your digital marketing, commissioned by IPD. In the coming year, we will continue to guide them in digital marketing for all kinds of peppers.

During the webinar series, UCHU Spice already optimised their website and social media. Next to that, they spent time creating an extensive keyword research sheet. The course also helped understanding why blogging on a regular basis is important. The challenge was to keep working on digital marketing.

Tangible improvements

That is where Globally Cool team members come into play. We already delivered a corporate presentation, to be used during events and virtual trade fairs. Currently, we’re working on elevating their social media channels, blogs and product landing pages for dried, mashed, brined, and smoked peppers. In the near future, we’re also going to set up ad campaigns.

The story of UCHU Spice is surely one worth to be spreading. The family-owned business works with over 300 smallholder farming families throughout Ecuador and Peru to increase quality, yields, and adopt sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Uchu also offers transparent, fair, and guaranteed prices. Through these efforts, they seek to improve the economic livelihoods of smallholders, who are able to generate additional income to complement subsistence farming. The peppers are being exported to wholesalers in the USA, Europe and Australasia.

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Marijke Nijdam

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