4 reasons why you need social media ads

Sep 28, 2020

4 reasons why you need social media ads

Sep 28, 2020

The use of social media has become a substantial part of everyday life. And it’s still growing. Over the last 10 years, the number of social network users has tripled. With currently more than 50% of the population using social media, businesses have also made the shift. Mainly, because it’s well-known that desired target audiences can be easily reached on these platforms. The key to social media success is advertising. Want to know why?

Today, the algorithm of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram focuses on engagement and personal connection. Whereas back in the day, the amount of page likes mostly mattered. This – unfortunately for businesses – makes it a lot harder to reach target audiences organically. Many social platforms follow this algorithm trend. So, what does that mean for business? The answer is simple. To reach the people that are relevant for your business, you need to invest in advertising. The good news is that there are many reasons to do so.

1. High ROI and more leads for the win!

If you’re already on your way to request a bigger advertising budget, wait a minute! Advertising on social media doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is 62% less expensive than traditional advertising. Even compared to other digital advertising methods, social advertising remains the cheapest looking at cost per click. For Google Ads, you pay $2.32 dollars on average per click, whereas for Facebook Ads you pay $0.12 per click on average. Very affordable, even for tight budgets!

What about the results then? Well, probably the most valuable benefit of social ads is that you actually gain more leads. This is because social media is a two-way street. You can actually – unlike with any other form of advertising – interact and engage with the people that you attract with your ad. Due to the low threshold when it comes to communication, the consumer is more likely to become a lead. Next to this, you can actually optimize your lead generation process by adopting a marketing automation strategy. By offering downloadable content – such as whitepapers and e-books – you establish a relationship with the consumer. Plus, you gather their contact details, which enables you to drive these consumers in your lead funnel.

2. Connect with people that actually need your product

Social media allows you to find and connect with potential customers. They might not know you – or not yet know that they need your product – but advertising on social media is the key to this untapped potential. One of the beauties is that you can target based on demographics and interests of your prospected clients. An efficient and cost-effective method! This is exceptionally different from traditional advertising, where you don’t really know who you reach with your ad. Social ads ensure that you only connect with people that actually need your product. You can imagine that this also works wonders in terms of brand awareness. Nothing better than a win-win!

3. Lots of extra targeted website traffic

When you advertise on social media, you also have the opportunity to add a link to your website. This feature enables targeted traffic to come through on your website. Looking at search engine optimization, the extra traffic will ensure a higher Google-ranking. Nice side effect, isn’t it? Tip: make sure that your landing page is a-okay. Why? If you want conversion to happen, your landing page should be conversion oriented – which required a certain set of vital elements. Double-check if the page includes your unique value proposition, benefits of the product, strong call-to-actions, professional pictures, and a short and clear submission form.

4. Insight in ad performance and target audience behavior

What matters most, in the long run, is the valuable information that social media platforms offer to advertisers. Different from traditional advertising, online advertising comes with a bunch of ad performance and audience behavior data. This information allows you to interpret the score of your advertisement based on reach, engagement, and clicks. Next to this, you get insight into the audience that was reached. Data such as age, location, and placement (mobile or desktop) help you understand how your audience is composed. Use this information to your advantage and improve future ads accordingly!

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