How to save time with e-learning

Jul 14, 2020

How to save time with e-learning

Jul 14, 2020

While spending more time at home due to pressing COVID-19 issues worldwide, people try to make the most out of it by enhancing their skills. From gardening to digital marketing: there are lots of opportunities to try online via e-learning courses.

For all the professionals out there, we’ve introduced the Globally Cool Academy. The online learning environment where you can boost your skills. Let’s be honest, e-learning is the best thing since sliced bread. Why? We are happy to share our insights.

Peak of interest

Google trends reveals how popular e-learning actually is. In March, the search term e-learning experienced a major interest peak in Google. This is partly related to the COVID-19 outbreak, but interest stayed high in the following months. It’s safe to say that e-learning is here to stay!


Another big advantage is also time. People can arrange their schedules according to their convenience and this enables them to scale themselves. This represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge assets rapidly.

“While the online learning industry is growing at a rapid pace, it is now key to stay up to date with the latest developments. Entrepreneurs can dig into mastermind, coaching, and consummation programs to scale themselves rapidly. This is an incredible opportunity for those who go the extra mile,“ Javid Niazi-Hoffmann, preeminent coaching consultant from Germany who is convinced of the power of online learning, states.

No travel-time

E-learning is flexible, students learn at their own pace, and it saves time. On the contrary to classroom training, e-learning courses are of short duration. That, together with the fact that you don’t have to spend any time traveling, is a big motivator for people to participate.

Only essential information

You probably have heard of the concepts nice-to-know and need-to-know. Where need-to-know covers essential information, nice-to-know are related facts that aren’t necessary for the learning process. E-learning covers only need-to-know information, which makes courses concise. This also ensures that students are offered a relevant learning path.

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