May 6, 2020

The Fritom Group is a valued client of Globally Cool and in September last year, we launched seven ‘Working at’ websites together. This year we repeated the job with the launch of the Dutch and English B2B-websites of all Fritom companies. The activity covered nine websites at once.

Together with Fritom Corporate, seven subsidiary Fritom companies located in numerous places in The Netherlands, form the Fritom Group. The group has a rich history and has become one of the most important logistic service providers in The Netherlands. They belong to the top of their industry and a professional commercial website is of course, essential.

Launching so many websites at once is not something to do overnight. In the last few months, we worked intensively together with the Fritom companies, from thinking along to actual content creation. Many people have many wishes: the way we supported, differed from company to company. For some companies, we wrote the web content with their input, accompanied them in photoshoots and helped build the webpages. Other companies flew solo at first and asked our content marketers for advice afterwards.Digital agency TRES is responsible for the technical part of the website. They converted our ideas and mock-ups in actual web designs and translated this to the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS). The result is a series of websites that look smooth on the front and are well manageable with the CMS.

In for the long-term
Although the websites are up and running, our job isn’t done. Many Fritom companies work far beyond the Dutch borders and soon the websites will be translated in other languages. Moreover, a website always leaves room for further improvement, in terms of content and new technical possibilities. That’s why we carry on our partnership with the Fritom Group to keep them ahead of the competition.

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Marijke Nijdam

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