FAQ: question-driven content in digital marketing

Apr 24, 2020

FAQ: question-driven content in digital marketing

Apr 24, 2020

What skills does an online marketer have? How do you build a snowman? What to do when there is a crocodile in your house? All these are questions you can find the answers to online – and they are valuable to businesses too. Your company can be the solution provider to any problem your target audience might have. Next to philanthropic motivations, sharing your knowledge gets you tons of online exposure. So, here are some frequently asked questions to get you started with providing the answers that matter.

What is question-driven content?

Question-driven content is that you write your website content according to the questions of your target audience.

What are the unique benefits of question-driven content?

Content rich websites rank higher in search engines: that’s a fact. It also betters brand perception by the audience and helps them with questions they might have. The information that you offer online should fit to the needs of your target audience, which you ensure by utilizing a question-driven method.

How do I know what questions to answer?

It’s a good practice to gather frequently asked questions by your clients. This is important input for your website content. The needs of current clients are a perfect representation of that of your target audience, so use this to your advantage! What are common problems that they might come across, and how can you help them solve it? Make a head start and start writing articles about subjects that your current customers often call or email you about.

PRO TIP: Keep a list of your most commonly-asked questions. You can also include subjects that come out of your ‘Did you find what you were looking for?’ section on your website.

How can Google help me?

Where in the old days, people only placed one or two words in the search field. Nowadays, search engine users more frequently fill out complete sentences or questions as a search query. Google’s search treasure is getting more valuable by time due to the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices and voice search. Also, Google added Artificial Intelligence to its search algorithm. For the coming years, the focus will lay more and more on speech recognition. The more people start to talk to their devices, the more question and answer related search queries will be. You can let Google’s search treasure work for you. By making use of Google Suggest, you determine topics for your website content.

PRO TIP: Just start typing in Google Search and see what questions Google suggests. These predictions are questions which people already have searched for in the past. Check it out for your own business and products.

How do you start implementing a question-driven strategy on my website?

Start blogging! A blog section is indispensable for sharing knowledge. It enables you to reach your target audience and helps you show to the world what you are great at. By giving your visitors bits of valuable knowledge, your organization is raising awareness on their brand and its activities.asure work for you. By making use of Google Suggest, you determine topics for your website content.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to end your blog with a call-to-action, preferably with a link to one of your services that match the subject – you want your visitors to stay on your website.

What sort of style should my blog have?

So called knowledge blogs often easily rank high in the Search Engine Results Page. In these blogs you share your knowledge with your audience. Use the topics gathered from Google and clients to write about. However, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it’s easier to rank high when you discuss one question – or subject – per knowledge article.

PRO TIP: Do not go all crazy and write a booklet about all different kinds of subjects related to your brand or product – spread it out over multiple blogs instead.

How do I make sure that my knowledge blog scores high?

The more specific you discuss a question, the higher the conversion rate of the page. Why? If someone looks for a certain answer, and you provide a fitting solution to the users’ problem, it is much easier to convert the visitor into a customer.

PRO TIP: It’s good practice to provide the direct answer to the question. Do so by putting it directly – or nearby – the actual question itself. This makes it easier for search engines to link the answer to the question, which results to higher scores.

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