E-learning a trend here to stay

Apr 16, 2020

E-learning a trend here to stay

Apr 16, 2020

Back before the global COVID-19 outbreak, we were training hundreds of professionals in-person every year. At least for now things are not the same anymore; current health concerns and travel restrictions have cancelled or postponed many events around the world. The good news is – even though holding courses in-person is not an option at the moment, it doesn’t mean courses can’t go on at all. E-learning possibilities are an answer.

The times where we have trained professionals all over the world in-person already seem like a distant memory. The times where room layouts could make or break a training session. The times where an uncooperative projector could be solved by a whiteboard and some markers – but, at least for now, those solutions don’t apply.

Continuity with the Globally Cool Academy
E-learning makes the best of this situation by connecting people remotely. It allows things to keep going on just like before. The Globally Cool Academy helps maintain momentum and safeguard continuity for the companies we work with.

Of course, e-learning brings new challenges, in terms of steady internet and keeping everyone working from home engaged. Provided you find a way to stay connected, we will make sure to:

  • KIS(S) – or in other words: Keep It Short and Simple. One webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes.
  • Record training sessions and make them available online. Even in the case that attending live isn’t feasible or technology doesn’t cooperate, you can still make use of the recorded webinar afterwards.
  • Set out a series of assignments that are tailored to an e-learning format.
  • Offer a digital meeting space, where 1-on-1 or group discussions can be held.
  • Reward you with a certificate after completing the course.

Want to know more?
Currently, we offer e-learning modules for export marketing planning, digital marketing and web-based market research, and many more are being developed as we speak. For this, we’re using the popular Zoom webinar platform. Would you like to make the most out of a Zoom meeting?

Some Tips to Help You Meet Like a Pro
How to hide your messy room for a Zoom video conference

Of course, everyone wishes in-person training could happen like before. But now the Globally Cool Academy allows you to re-connect with your co-workers and learn something new along the way.

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