Online marketing and key ranking criteria, explained

April 6, 2020

Consumers are online, so upping the digital presence of your organization is extremely beneficial to being found online and to the way your brand is perceived. The days are gone that you could rank high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with just a few small edits. We help you survive the digital jungle by clarifying the most important principles. Here are some easy-to-implement tips that will get you on the road to online success.

Before getting started, it is necessary to understand the aim of Google and other huge search engines:

Optimize for your website user, not for Google

Google indexes all information available on the internet to provide its users with the most accurate search results fitting to their needs. To accomplish this, Google has made it its mission to go one step further than other search engines and deliver the best online experiences. Google is not just a page with links to other websites anymore. Today, it answers questions by suggesting content from various different types – from web shop products to videos and news articles. All to provide you with the ultimate bit of information that you were looking for, and in some cases even more. Conclusion: you are acing your online marketing by complying with Google’s mission. So, how do you realize this?

Partner rather than opponent

We outlined five essential criteria that Google looks for: usability, question-driven content, SEO and keywords, the need for speed and security, and social media. High performance in these areas establishes online authority and integrity, leading to higher search engine rankings. It all comes down to taking an outside-in approach. Think like Google: what is the information demand of the consumer? Knowing what subjects your target audience like to know more about, helps you answer their questions. By doing so, you are partnering up and aligning your strategy with that of Google’s. If you want to easily boost your online presence with some simple tools, make sure you keep a close eye on In the upcoming weeks, we will publish blogs on how to improve your website usability, question-driven content, SEO and keywords, the need for speed and security, and social media.

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